Tuxedo Stan Launches New Product

Tuxedo Stan proudly introduces his latest product – STAN FOR MEN.

Tuxedo Stan proudly displays STAN FOR MEN
Tuxedo Stan proudly displays STAN FOR MEN


Check out his awesome video advertisement: STAN FOR MEN

You can now buy STAN FOR MEN at the Tuxedo Stan Store.

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan Launches New Product

  1. Hi Stan – I know I read about your body wash being available in some local HRM stores, but I can’t seem to find a list of them now. Is it carried in retail stores – I live in Dartmouth.

    thanks if you can help, I’m a big fan of all that you do for cats, and so are my 3 rescued kitties, Rusty, Festus and Smokey. We should campaign to get cats the vote, you’d be elected for sure!



  2. Hi Laurie,

    It’s available at the PetValu store in Clayton Park:
    278 Lacewood Drive
    Halifax, NS B3M 3N8
    Phone: (902) 431-8665




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