Minion Marriage

Tuxedo Party member Cathy MacKenzie and her new husband Ian recently got married in true minion style. Their wedding had a Tuxedo Party theme and they helped raise a bundle of money for Earl Grey’s favourite charity – Spay Day HRM.

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Ian and Cathy MacKenzie
Ian and Cathy MacKenzie


Guests were thrilled to find a table with a whole buffet of mini minions free for the taking!

Minion wedding party
Minion wedding party


The main attraction (besides Cathy and Ian) was a Minion bride and groom. Note the top hat and tux on Minion Stan and the wedding gown, tiara, veil and bouquet on Minion ConSTANce…

minion 01
The happy couple


The MacKenzies have kindly donated their minion couple to the Tuxedo Party to sell in a silent auction. Earl grey was so excited to hear this that he had to meet the minions in person!

minion 04
Earl is not quite sure what to do


Earl gets a little closer
Earl moves in a little closer


Now he's getting into the spirit of things
Now he’s getting into the spirit of things.


minion 07
Oh oh, Earl is getting a little too excited!


minion 03
Earl discovers the bridal bouquet!!!


minion 06
Get that camera out of here!


minion 02
Long live the happy couple!


Feel free to send a message below with your bid on the minion bride and groom. Make sure you give us your correct email address (it will not be published).

The minimum bid is $60.00 and shipping will be extra. The auction closes at 9:00 a.m. AST on Sunday November 17.

Thank you Cathy and Ian for your generous donation and CONGRATULATIONS!


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10 thoughts on “Minion Marriage

  1. For our wedding in August we were discussing doing a donation to spay day in lieu of wedding favours, and this seems like the perfect idea. Can set up a little display with the minion bride and groom with another donation jar, probably with a few extra minions, and still do a good donation to the cause. Should we not win you’ll certainly still be hearing from us before the wedding, to get some stuff for our display πŸ™‚

    My silent auction bid is $375


      1. The Bride and Groom can’t thank you enough!! The bride and groom minions are simply adorable!! You won’t be disappointed with them!!


  2. Well, I think Cheryl Patton has won more than just the day here! πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps after your weeding, Cheryl, you might consider putting them up for auction again………??


      1. You are very sweet! Did I really type “weeding”??? I hang my head in shame :-/
        Congratulations on both your *wedding* and your brilliant win here πŸ™‚


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