Tuxedo Stan Memorial Stamp

We have just added a special product to our online store in memory of Tuxedo Stan – an official Canadian postage stamp.

Stamp (1 of 1)

Tuxedo Stan passed away on September 8, 2013 after a battle with kidney cancer. His fight to improve the welfare of cats in Halifax and around the world continues with his brother Earl Grey and our newest addition, TJ (Tuxedo Junior).

The stamp was commissioned by Tuxedo party member Cathy MacKenzie and her husband Ian. There were only 100 stamps printed. They will be placed on special Tuxedo Party envelopes.

In addition, twenty envelopes were signed by “Bubbles” from the hit series Trailer Park Boys (filmed in Nova Scotia).

Bubbles envelope (1 of 1)


Just for Cats 118
Bubbles and Cathy Mackenzie


You can order the stamps or the signed envelopes from the online store.

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

15 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan Memorial Stamp

  1. That stamp is awesome … I still miss him too. Our felines said to order a stamp to place in Stan’s Memoir book. Thoughts are with you at Catopia as you recall and feel Stan’s strong presence. Blessings, Jean


  2. Beautiful stamp! I was hoping to order a book of 20, or 50 or 100!! I would have used them on all my letters for the next year! Oh well, limited editions are sweet too.


  3. The stamp is beautiful and so is the envelope. I miss Stan as well. I’m glad Earl has an Apprentice companion. TJ is adorable. ;-))


  4. Dear Hugh,Kathy and the fur-family.Remembering this sad day last year when dear Stan crossed the rainbow bridge.His legacy lives on.I love little TJ and his antics but he will never replace Stan.As vets I’m sure you realize all animals have their own personalities and TJ will develop his own style.God bless you Stan.RIP.Never forgotten,Love and hugs to all SheenaXXX


    1. Sheena, Thank you so much for your kind words. Although we miss him every day, we are comforted by the happy memories and the thousands of supporters who are keeping Tuxedo Stan’s dream alive. 🙂


  5. As an avid stamp collector, TPB fan and supporter of Tuxedo Stan, I was most excited by this release. Whar an amazing way to commerate the work that has been accomplished and his short time on earth. Xo


  6. How wonderful to have this beautiful momento of Stan available. Every day I look at little Minion Ethel Jean perched on my desk and smile at the memory of Stan, and think about how wonderful it is that Earl Grey and TJ have picked up the torch. All over the world, thanks to the internet, we see felines and their human companions rising to the challenge of making the world safe and happy for cats everywhere. Stan was in the forefront of this movement, and I know you are very proud of what he did, and continues to do in his successors. Love, PK


    1. Aww, thanks. So many people work so hard to help… Hopefully some day we won’t need to worry because the homeless, starving and abused cats will all be living in happier circumstances.:)


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