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In loving memory of Marie Leloup. Marie was passionate about cats AND birds. She was the founder of this page as well as the Facebook page “Birds and Cats: We love them both.”


” A careful analysis of the science concludes there is no strong support for the viewpoint that cats are a serious threat to wildlife”  World Animal Foundation

In 2018 we started a Facebook page for cat and bird lovers who wanted to keep both safe. Birds and Cats: We Love Them Both is a community-based page that encourages interaction and sharing tips on how to help cats and birds. It also shares factual studies to counter some of the hysteria around bird kills and TNR that other groups promote.

As the page grew and evolved, it became apparent that we could address another need by providing a  “home” for the many documents that we share so that they are  readily available to our followers.  It will be a dynamic website and will be  updated as we post to Birds and Cats.

Please continue to share documents with us and to suggest improvements. We are very much open to doing what we can to help cats and birds. We really do love them both.

Birds in Decline: Studies Documenting Declining Bird Populations and The Reasons

Fatal Light Awareness Program, Canada: Click Here

Windturbines: A look at the evidence: Click Here

ABC Birds: A Push to Make Windows Safer for Birds, Jun 2018: Click Here

Smithsonian: Eating Even One Piece of Plastic Has Health Consequences for Baby Seabirds: Click Here

Clearcutting and Wildlife Don’t Mix: Click Here

New Smithsonian Study Links Declines in Suburban Backyard Birds to Presence of Nonnative Plants, Oct 2018: Click Here

Balloon Kill More Seabirds Than Any Other Plastic: Click Here

From bugs to dolphins, rising temperatures having major effects on global ecosystem, Apr 2019:  Click Here

Bird populations dive in part due to climate change, says Alberta naturalist, July 2019: Click Here

Collapse in Desert Birds Due to Heat Stress from Climate Change, Sept 2019   Click Here

A group of scientists published  the results of an analysis in the journal Science (Click Here) . The most exhaustive and ambitious attempt yet to learn what is happening to avian populations, it showed that there are 2.9 billion fewer birds taking wing now than there were 50 years ago. The following links are to various media outlets who reported on the findings:

NY Times: . Click Here

The Smithsonian:  Click Here

Axios: Click Here

CBC: Click Here

The Globe and Mail: Click Here

Vox Felina Response: Click Here

Bee-harming pesticides make migrating songbirds sick too, study shows, September 2019 Click Here    Referenced Article in Science Magazine: Click Here

Bird killings quadruple in a year in Wales, says RSPB:  Click Here

Cats are not the Villains – Studies/Commentary Pertaining  to the Cat’s Impact on Birds

“The claim that cats exterminate species arose from provisional research decades ago that has never been verified or proven in any way. All statements that cats exterminate species are false because there is no scientific evidence that cats have exterminated any species. If there were evidence it would be cited instead of this fabrication.” To read Dr Roger Panaman’s great review of the science behind the myth Click Here

Are Cats Causing Bird Decline? Royal Society for Protection of Birds “It is likely that most of the birds killed by cats would have died anyway from other causes before the next breeding season, so cats are unlikely to have a major impact on population:
Click Here

Sorry, Cat haters. Science is not on your side: Click Here

KittyCamas – A new look at suburban free-roaming cat predation. August 2012: Click Here

Island’s feral cats kill surprisingly few birds, National Geographic. Click Here

Damn lies and cat statistics By Christie Keith  August, 2010 Click Here

The Agenda Behind Agenda Driven Science Vox Felina May, 2013 Click Here

What if everything you thought you knew about feral cats was wrong, Peter Wolf, 2016 Click Here

Cats, Birds, and Animal Shelters: Seeking Common Ground [ WITH ON-DEMAND VERSION] Dec 2018 Click Here

Do Feral Cats Decimate Songbirds and Wildlife? June 2017: Click Here

Widely-held belief that outdoor cats threaten biodiversity and public health challenged by new research.  19 Jun 2019  Click Here

Stop Blaming Feral Cats, WAF, June 2019 Click Here

Calming down conservation’s cat fight.  May 29, 2019 Click Here

A Moral Panic Over Cats, Society for Conservation Biology, Ma y 2019: Click Here

Schrodingers’ – Birds,  Vox Felina  September 2019 Click Here

Cat Facts – World Animal Foundation, Click Here

TNR Works – Studies Pertaining to TNR

Why TNR (vide0) – Click Here

Feline Shelter Intake Reduction Program FAQs: Click Here

The Vacuum Effect. Why Catch and Kill Doesn’t Work Click Here

The Decline in Feral Cats. Susan Houser, Dec 2015: Click Here

We cannot adopt, warehouse or rescue our way out of dog & cat overpopulation!, Jul 2017: Click Here

Australia Study Shows Benefit of TNR: Click Here

Cats in Canada:2017: A Five-Year Review of Cat Overpopulation. Click Here

An Examination of an Iconic Trap-Neuter-Return Program: The Newburyport, Massachusetts Case Study, Spehar/Wolf, Oct 2017; Click Here

Australia Study Shows Benefits of TNR Jul 2018  Click Here

UF Vets – TNR Best for Cat Management: Click Here

Decrease in Population and Increase in Welfare of Community Cats in a 23- Year TNR Program in Key Largo, FL: The ORCAT Program. Feb, 2019:  Click Here

The Road to TNR: Examining Trap-Neuter-Return Through the Lens of Our Evolving Ethics  Jan, 2019:  Click Here

Cat advocates say Anne Arundel County trap, neuter and release program is working, Mar 2019: Click Here

A Long-Term Lens: Cumulative Impacts of Free-Roaming Cat Management Strategy and Intensity on Preventable Cat Mortalities. July 2019:  Click Here

Even wildlife conservationists agree: Study proves TNR is the way to go, Peter Wolf. August 2019: Click Here

We’ve been trapping and sterilizing stray cats for decades. Does it work? August 2019: Click Here

Cat Facts. World Animal Foundation. Click Here

What do We Do With All These Stray Cats? September 2019  Click Here

Reply to Crawford et al.: Why Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Is an Ethical Solution for Stray Cat Management. September 2019: Click Here

An army of volunteers is trying to control Chicago’s feral cat population. It looks like it’s working. April 2019:  Click Here

Why does Utah County have the highest animal euthanasia rates in the state?
Click Here

Animal Control Officers talk about TNR: Click Here

Guest Blogs

Note: If you would like to write a blog/article about any topic relevant to this page, please submit in word format to the address or to our Facebook page. We will publish and share from here.

By-laws: Do they work?

This is why TNR, Spay/Neuter and changing society’s attitude towards cats are essential. No-roam bylaws are not. Even abandonment laws are not easily enforceable: How does the court prove abandonment even for cats with microchips?”

Tips for Advocating

Alley Cat Allies: How to Pass Laws to Help Cats. Click Here

Tips for Helping Birds

Bird Your World – 12 Simple Actions that Make Life Better for Birds  Click Here

Simple Tip to Prevent Birds Flying Into Window: Click Here

Halloween Spider’s Webs Put Wildlife at Risk: Click Here

Tips for Keeping Cats Happy and Safe


Indoor Cats: A Spay Day website devoted to the benefits of keeping cats safe  happy and healthy. Click Here

Stop the Demonization of Cats, Anne Burton: Click Here

Microchipping Saves Lives. Click Here

Boredom Busting Tips For Your Home Alone Cat: Click Here

Look What the Cat Dragged In – Parasites: Click Here

Differences Between Stray And Feral Cats–And How You Can Help: Click Here

Feral and Stray Cats—An Important Difference: Click Here

How are Community Cats Different than a Stray or Abandoned Cat:  Click Here

Factors that may predispose cats to road traffic accidents: Click Here

Understanding the hunting behaviour of pet cats: Click Here

Helping Homeless Cats Through the Winter Click Here

Tips for convincing feral cats to enter a shelter: Click Here

The Benefits of Keeping Cats Indoors and Keeping them Happy: Click Here and Click Here

Cats Who Have Access to Cardboard Boxes Are Less Stressed Out and Heal Faster Than Cats Who Don’t: Click Here

The Dangers of Outdoor Living for Cats: Click Here

Local Cat Killings Linked to Coyote Killings: Click Here

Compassionate Conservation

Compassion in Conservation: Don’t Be Cruel to be Kind: Click Here

Traditional Conservation Science is a Pathological Disorder: Just Stop Killing Animals: Click Here

Catios and Tips for Hosting Catio Tours

(Note: Move this section to Catio Page when ready)

Catio Tours Near Me: Click Here

Catio Spaces: Click Here

Would Bought a Her Kitties a Chicken Coop and The Love It: Click Here

How to Build a Catio: Click Here

Catios are the latest way to spoil your cat. Click Here

Portland’s unique partnership “cat partnership” has started a movement nationwide: Click Here

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