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Nov 4, 2013 10 Comments ›› Hugh

Earl Grey is agitated after reading today’s Chronicle Herald.

EG sharpens claws

Earl was anticipating exciting new changes from the recently elected Liberal government but it appears that those changes may be in jeopardy.

Many of you will remember a previous blog post which asked candidates in the recent Nova Scotia election to sign a pledge and show support for cats in Nova Scotia. Eleven members of the new government including Premier McNeil and the new Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Keith Colwell, signed the pledge.

The Tuxedo Party received the following email exactly one month ago today:

October 4, 2013
To whom it may concern:
I, Keith Colwell, MLA  Preston Dartmouth, wish to sign Earl Grey’s Pledge of Compassion and Action.
I am an avid animal lover and thank you for the opportunity to support this cause.
Yours truly,
Keith Colwell, MLA
Preston Dartmouth

Unfortunately, today’s Herald article by Pat Lee states:

Cat lovers take note, the new laws do not speak to their circumstances beyond overall protection from cruelty, with issues like abandonment — which is rampant — left unaddressed.

Colwell didn’t anticipate addressing the cat issue anytime soon, “although we will not tolerate anyone who isn’t humanely looking after cats. They’ll be treated the same as any other animal would be.”

The proposed changes address a number of issues regarding dogs (examination by a veterinarian prior to sale, anti-tethering regulations, etc) but nothing specific to cats. Earl supports the proposed changes that will help his canine friends but he asks why they seem reluctant to make similar changes to benefit cats?

Are Minister Colwell and the new Liberal Government having a change of heart? Earl Grey is hoping this was just a slip of the tongue from a rookie Minister who is still trying to settle in to his new portfolio.

Let’s remind Minister Colwell and the other members of the government who signed Earl Grey’s Pledge that we expect them to honour their pledge to help cats…




Earls army button


Please contact Minister Colwell, Premier McNeil and your MLA to ask them to support Earl’s Pledge.

Below is a list of Liberal MLA’s who signed the pledge. (Please let us know if any of the information is inaccurate as it is difficult to locate email addresses and phone numbers for many of the MLA’s.)

Honourable Stephen McNeil,  Premier, Annapolis – (902) 424-6600    [email protected]

Honourable Keith Colwell, Minister of Agriculture, Preston Dartmouth – (902) 424-8953   [email protected]

Honourable Iain Rankin –  Timberlea-Prospect – (902) 424-8637   [email protected]

Honourable Diana Whalen – Halifax Clayton Park – (902) 424-5720    [email protected]

Honourable Joanne Bernard – Dartmouth North – (902) 424-4304    [email protected]

Honourable Joyce Treen – Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage – (902) 424-8637   [email protected]

Honourable Keith Irving – Kings South – (902) 424-8637  [email protected]

Honourable Allan Rowe – Dartmouth South – (902) 424-8637   [email protected]

Honourable Geoff MacLellan – Glace Bay – (902) 842-4390   [email protected]


Honourable Brendan Maguire – Halifax Atlantic – (902) 424-8637   [email protected]

Honourable Mark Furey – Lunenburg West – (902) 424-5550    [email protected]


  1. Leslie says:

    This is why I HATE politicians!!!!!……always going back on their word!! We hope for change, but the jerks NEVER deliver. Just empty promise after empty promise!!

  2. Ruth Folger says:

    Please also include protections for the cats- they are important to us as well.
    Thank you, Ruth Folger

  3. Kim Sherrard says:

    this is every sad….I was hoping the Liberals would be people of their word. I changed my vote because of their commitment to changing the laws… I truly intend to be a thorn in someone’s side. Can’t we trust politicians anymore? Maybe it’s time for us as a country to re-think our political election system if personal integrity has been flushed. This is so, so sad to hear! Can’t we trust anyone in office anymore? Do they need to be polygraphed? Honestly!

  4. Beverly Fish says:

    Please support Earl’s pledge to help cats in your province. It was not done as a publicity stunt; it is a serious issue that the Tuxedo Party promotes.
    Give people a chance to believe in politicians again….broken promises are sadly too familiar nowadays.

  5. Jodi DeLong says:

    I’m all over this, Earl Grey! We are spreading the word across social media, and I am writing letters this afternoon.
    We do have to realize that 1. This is a brand new government, and they have been besieged with calls and emails since the day after the election. 2. They have dozens, if not hundreds, of issues to deal with. 3. We must phrase our letters as positive and encouraging as possible–we catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

  6. Elizabeth Oldham says:

    I was quite disappointed to see only 200 people sent emails detailing the changes they wished to see imposed. I sent one and we must all realize if we want change we MUST speak up for it.
    I will be emailing my representative as each and every member of Earls Army should. We can’t allow Stan and Earls efforts to be ignored and be swept under the political rug.

  7. It is sad to consider that politicians are the same in Canada as in the US. Getting elected is their only mission. What they promise to get there is later prioritized by the ability of the voters to make a fuss. Earl Grey’s Legions in Nova Scotia will make sure their voices are heard.

  8. mary young says:

    you FORGOT already there will be more elections, he who was campained for and broke his promise can be campained against next time

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