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May 20, 2014 10 Comments ›› Hugh

It seems as if everyone is taking selfies nowadays!

A recent trend is to take a selfie with someone famous. Remember the one with President Obama and the pretty Prime Minister of Denmark? We probably shouldn’t go there…

Anyway, Tuxedo Party fans have done us proud and submitted a raft of feline selfies posing with Earl Grey.

The only requirement was that the selfie should contain the photo of Earl Grey sitting in his basket: (click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized image)

Earl Grey posing for a selfie

Earl Grey posing for a selfie


Please feel free to submit a selfie of your cat posing with Earl Grey. We will continue to update this blog post as long as we get selfies from followers. Send your photo to:

tuxedo [email protected]




Adrianne C Neko


Alex Roseberry


Baby Kitten Freeman




Brode Langdon


Butch Cassidy


Christopher Passetto




Claude Lauzon


Cleopatra Conrad














Finigan Saunders




Flannery Saunders

Gadget Ferjo




Ginger Perry






Hobo Gaillard


Lace and Limerick Jacobs

Leo Ward


Leonidas Bowe




Luna Rost




Maximus Van den Eynden


Munchie Kinghorn copy 2


Munchie Kinghorn copy 3


Munchie Kinghorn copy


Munchie Kinghorn






Piper Kinghorn copy Piper Kinghorn


Pippi Ferjo 2 Pippi Ferjo


Roxie Ingram


Roxy and Tilly Thistle


Sasha Passetto


Scooter Passetto


Simone Stevenson


Smokey Passetto


Vader Romans


Fatso Catso Shewan


JoJo Shewan


Buster Shewan


Wayne Mckinneys cat


Catherine's cat





smudge Bailey


hav Storey


Ruby, Rosie, Roxanne and Rowan Naranjo


Puss Leaman


Princess Jacques


Pepper and Ella Tremills


Harry Potter from Anne


Harry Potter from Anne 2


Puss Leaman 2


Socrates Piggott 2


Socrates Piggott 5


Lacey Leaman


Smarty Jones


Rain Cat Shewan


Tabby Cheadle


Sakura Takeyama


THANK YOU to everyone who submitted selfies. These are awesome pics!

Would you like to send us a selfie of your cat with Earl Grey? Just email the photo to:
tuxedo [email protected]

Want more of Tuxedo Stan and Earl Grey?

Check out the Tuxedo Party Facebook Page.

Follow Earl Grey on Twitter.


  1. Diana Piggott says:

    What a lot of wonderful pictures!! 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    What a great idea! Fabulous. I love seeing all the pics and creativity. Tuxedo Party fans are the best !!

  3. Galahad says:

    Thanks for including me (#57 & 58), my human Mum and I are big fans of tuxedo party

  4. Cathy says:

    Loved each and everyone!! Such a joy to
    go through these! Great idea! Thank you !

  5. Patrice Kane says:

    So many beautiful cats. Loved every picture.

  6. Susan MacDonald says:

    Wow some really beautiful cats sending in selfies.
    Must say though Earl Grey is amazing but then again I
    Got to rub hid gorgeous fur.

  7. Doresy says:

    Love pic 34-37

    #37 is the best!

    Miss Stan!

    Earl Grey is awesome!

  8. Diane says:

    So many beautiful friends of Earl……..the photos were all wonderful. I’m sure Earl enjoyed seeing so many of his supporters.

  9. Victoria says:

    So fun!!!! Munchie (34-37) is super honored to be on your page! She and her sister Fifi were feral rescues. They are wonderful babies and proof of the greatness of the work you do. 43 and 44 are Piper, also mine. He was another feral rescue and an absolute love. Thank you for helping kitties and thank you for this wonderful fun activity! I love seeing all the sweet babies on here. So many people love you and your work. Still think of dear Stan. Love and blessings to you all!!!!

    Victoria, Munchie, Piper and Fifi (not pictured, she was napping too well that day)

  10. Charmaine says:

    Thank you for posting the pic of my Maximus with Earl Gray (#33). So many pics of beautiful cats. I enjoyed every one! Lots of other Maine Coons too! Keep up the good work Earl Gray, you are following in your brother’s footsteps with aplomb!

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