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Jun 30, 2014 12 Comments ›› Hugh

TJ is the luckiest kitten on the planet!

Not only does he get to live in Catopia with the world-famous Earl Grey but he now has the biggest collection of cat toys and cat paraphernalia ever seen.

The first surprise was a gift from Tuxedo Party fan Kim S. The photos speak for themselves…

(click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized image)


TJ present 1

Hmmm… what’s this?


TJ present 2

Did Santa Claws come?


TJ present 3

What’s this for?


TJ present 4

OMG! There’s a mouse in here!!!


TJ present 5

WHOOPEE! Thank you Auntie Kim!



Tuxedo Party and Spay Day HRM fans from Halifax got together and planned a surprise shower for the newest addition to Catopia.

TJ was thrilled when he discovered the pile of presents waiting for him this morning…

TJ present 9

Where do I begin?


TJ present 8

It’s going to take me all day to go through this stuff!


TJ present 7

I’m so HAPPY!!!


TJ present 10

Nom, nom, nom…


Earl Grey and Thelma were suitably impressed as well…


TJ present 6

Hey, maybe he’s not so bad after all!





You can follow all of TJ’s adventures in Catopia on the

Tuxedo Party Facebook Page


  1. Jan says:

    TJ is a sweet boy. I’m sure he’ll share with his new siblings. It will be an entertaining day in Catopia!

  2. Cathy says:

    What sweet pictures!! You can see the excitement in his eyes! Wonderful gifts for a wonderful kitty ( and he will share with all in Catopia) Hugs and pats to you all!!

  3. Jodi says:

    This just made me smile and smile this morning. Congratulations to all hands involved in the party and in TJ’s pampering.

  4. Dot Cellini says:

    Welcome, TJ! You lucky cat! You have the finest humans ever so be very good to them.

  5. Barbi says:

    Sweet boy in a wonderful home, you have the face of an Angel. Share your new toys with your siblings, kindness is happiness! Love you lots little guy!

  6. Kim says:

    Sammy helped his Mother package things ( as evident by the torn plastic and teeth marks on the ribbon), so happy for the baby and greatful he has a wonderful family in which to grow up. I look forward to his many adventures. xoxoxo Sammy, Puddin, Diva & Tommy

  7. joyce gacsaly says:

    Love it. So cute. More piccies please of kitties with gifts…

  8. Brigid says:

    Adorable!! Oh, TJ. You’re adorable!

  9. Trish says:

    Makes me teary when I think of the little fella covered in oil and so vulnerable. Love his beautiful face full of wonder.

  10. My gosh… SCORE!!! Serious, big time score.


    PS. And from one Nova Scotian kitty to another… HAPPY CANADA DAY! purrs

  11. kelly s says:

    if i had known there was going to be a baby shower, I would have sent something down for Cindy to take over

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