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Dec 1, 2017 3 Comments ›› Hugh

Tuxedo Stan was only with us for 3 1/2 years, however his dream of a world where cats are treated with respect and compassion lives on.

Every holiday season we decorate our tree with cat ornaments in memory of beloved pets so that everyone can share in his dream.

Tuxedo Stan’s 2016 Tree of Hope with over 150 ornaments!

All proceeds from Tuxedo Stan’s 2017 Tree of Hope will be used to address cat over-population in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Tuxedo Stan Chisholm

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

CLICK HERE if you would like to buy the ornament(s) you hung on this year’s Tree of Hope.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating the blog daily until December 25, 2017.

Zappa Chickosky

Lizard Chickosky

Mao Chickosky

Squeaky Chickosky

Alphonse Chickosky

Punkin Chickosky

Samantha Chickosky

Katherine Chickosky

Sadie Chickosky

Louie Cat Chickosky

Bonkers Chickosky

Pierre Chickosky

Maggie Chickosky

Tiggers Chickosky

Honky Chickosky

Mother Chickosky

Button Chickosky

Mr Lee Chickosky

Fatso Chickosky

Beckiegirl French

Victoria French

Tiny Johnston

Booters Barker

Thom Mulder

Jeri Mulder

Thunder Davis

Mimi Davis

Merlin Stayman

Mrs P Bateson

Alexander Bateson

Mellow Bateson

Martin Lenz

Kechara Lenz

Noahthecat Lenz

Sinjun the Collie Lenz

Luther the Collie Lenz

Reisie the Collie Lenz

Mr P Lenz

Saige Saunders

Gatsby Saunders

Seamus Saunders

Ralph Saunders

Moirah Saunders

Flannery Saunders

Cassidy Saunders

Sarah Saunders

Finigan Saunders

Cupcake Beauregarde Sweetface Peach

Tippy Johnson

Lacey MacDonald

Sunshine MacDonald

Oreo Warner

Goldie Warner

BB Warner

Freddie Warner

Day 3 – 55 ornaments already!

Buddy More

Marcel More

Leroy More

Eugene More

Mouse More

Lily Felix

Callie Leslie

Luigi Salsman

India Fish

Phoebe Teevan

Sephie Piggott

Bobby Derringer

Rosie Hartley

Selena Passetto

Syd Passetto

Shasta Passetto

Socks Passetto

Shady Passetto

Silk Passetto

Smokey Passetto

Siggie Passetto

Sunny Passetto

Dec 5 – 77 ornaments and growing!

Fiji Murphy-Popovitch

Tuck Albino

Elvira Albino

Chloe Sherrard

Pewter Sherrard

Pebbles Sherrard

Tiggy Sherrard

Sidney Poitier Tabor

Gilligan Tabor

Dio Tabor

L.K. Long

Merlin Pratt

Arwen Pratt

Alexi Pratt

In Loving Memory of the Spay Day cats that we lost this year.

Memphis D’Angelo

Meeko D’Angelo

Silver Maplewood

Giles Maplewood

Orange Sondhi-Green

Wild Cat Sondhi-Green

Spunk Barry

Spaz Barry

Day 6 – 100 ornaments!

Sweet Pea Singer

Daisy the puppy Kowalczyk

In Loving Memory of the Spay Day cats that we lost this year.

Cinder Archambault

Boomer Archambault

Annie Sparkles Archambault

Howie Archambault

Beau Jolley

Sonic Clark

Speedy Clark

Tex Clark

Abbie Phoenix

Luna Phoenix

Daisy Miller

Lily Miller

Rascal Miller

Leo Miller

Zoe McCracken

Friday Reynolds

Twister Schaffner

Boomer Schaffner

Diva Sherrard

Willow Sherrard

Sammy Joe Sherrard

Tommy Sherrard

Puddin Sherrard

Sophie Holt

Fuzzy Holt/Albino

RF Holt/Albino

Sugar Holt

Puff Holt

Taz Chen

Brie Chen

Lucy Chen

Toby Chen

Tigger Chen

Lachie Darby

Shady Shyster Darby

Caoimhe (Keeva) Darby

Besame’ Darby

Millie Dickson

Tiny Dickson

Starbuck Abaya

Day 15 – 143 ornaments!

Mr Spock MacKenzie

Shadow MacKenzie

Tux MacKenzie

Hudson MacKenzie

George Curran

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating the blog daily until December 25, 2017.


  1. Cathy says:

    Such a beautiful tradition, one that many look forward to. Thank you for this. ❤️💕 Merry Christmas to all in Catopia 💕🌲🐾

  2. Marla C Parish says:

    I want to designate two ornaments: One for Mookie, and one for ChiChi.

    How do I go about paying?

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