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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed cats can change the world.” (apologies to Margaret Mead)

Although Tuxedo Stan passed away due to kidney cancer in 2013, his memory lives on. Here’s his original bio in his own words…

Hello loyal fans. Welcome to my website. For those of you who haven’t seen me on Anderson Cooper 360 or CTV’s  National News with Lisa LaFlamme, I’m the leader of The Tuxedo Party of Canada. I’m handsome, witty and I come with my own tuxedo. I have but a single platform ( beside the one I sit on outdoors ) and that is to improve the welfare of homeless, abandoned and suffering cats in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Like all great leaders, I come from humble beginnings. My mom was abandoned and living by her wits on the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was pregnant with me and my three brothers when she was rescued and taken to a veterinary hospital. We were born three weeks later. That’s me, right in the front.

So, how exactly did I get started you might ask. Well, when I was eight weeks old me and my brother Earl moved to Catopia. There were already three other cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs and a bunch of fish so I learned some valuable diplomatic skills pretty early on. ( Although, I must say, when a dog walks by with poop on his breath, that is just downright disgusting. I cannot abide poor personal hygiene.)

Anyway, my new mom is a writer and I started blogging to promote her book “Urban Tigers – Tales of a Cat Vet”. People really liked me and what I had to say so I decided to really sink my teeth into the whole social media scene. Even more people liked me and what I had to say. People I didn’t even know started coming up to me and saying, “Stan! You should be mayor!”

So, after careful deliberation and some catnip, I thought, “Why not?” I mean, we cats are natural born politicians. Show me a cat who can’t get what he wants with a silent meow, or a well-placed rear end view and I’ll show you a dullard. And there are role models. Look at Hank who’s running for the US senate or that old guy Stubbs up in Alaska. He’s been mayor for for fifteen years! Personally, I think more cats would get involved in politics if it weren’t for the whole opposable thumb issue. The humans got the better end of that deal.

All I’m saying is that politics is about reaching the people, making them care enough about something to want change. If a little tuxedo cat from Nova Scotia can make the world smile and give them hope that together we can make a difference, then it’s a good day.

Tuxedo Stanley for Mayor!!! ( Ellen Degeneres, if you are reading this, I would love to be on your show. I know you like me because I heard you say you would vote for me.)



PS – You can help me spread the word by purchasing stuff from our Etsy store. All profits go to SpayDay HRM, a registered not-for-profit society whose goal is to assist students and low-income families with spaying and neutering.

© Tuxedo Party of Canada

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  1. I am writing this on behalf of NEEKAH: she wishes me to tell you that she is SO PROUD of what you are attempting to do. At last, all the poor, neglected , starving, abandoned cats HAVE someCAT to “speak” for them.It is just unfortunate that your message and platform Stan;has not reached the West Coast( BC). There are many abandoned cats here( ESP in the urban areas ‘ round Metro Vancouver).Good luck Stan, all us cats APPRECIATE what you’re trying to do.With your help, maybe there won’t be AS MANY of us feral cats.(we would be all spayed/ neutered & have homes)We would not have been abandoned if some HOOMAN had it in their heart to spay us when we were young.Keep pushing your platform, Stan. Prhaps, some city councillors out here in Metro Vancouver might hear your “voice” and pursue a bylaw enforcing spay / neuter!!!!


  2. I just love your bio and pictures. Obviously, from the time you were young, your incredible good looks captured your parents hearts, and those of all your supporters. You’re a good man Stan. Keep up the good work little man. 2 kisses on your precious forehead!


  3. I love you Stan!! You’re gorgeous. I just want to kiss your face a million times and all of your siblings. You have the cutest baby picture, and awesome parents. Love you baby cakes ❤ ❤


  4. I was just thinking that you are doing a grey’t job, Stan. My 2 feline sisters, Misses Marli & Autumn think you are very handsome.
    I am a retired greyhound & I have 4 grey’t sisters, too.
    Me Mum is friends with the folks on the Picton Castle, a tall ship out of Lunenburg Nova Scotia & she wrote 2 books about Chibley & a new one will be coming out soon. Chibley made 5 world voyages, did the Great Lakes tour & a tour of Europe. When she passed away she had some 250,000 nautical miles under her paws & some 1,000 shipmates who mourned her loss. She would have been so proud to be able to call you her pal & I know that she’s wishing you well in your work.
    Your Greyhound Friend, Mr. G. Hobbs


  5. My fluffy white rescue cat, Prince, highly approves of Tuxedo Stan and has directed me to purchase a minion to give to my girlfriend for her birthday.


    1. Steve, your Prince is absolutely brilliant! I cannot imagine a better birthday gift for your girlfriend — minions are the best 🙂


      1. My girlfriend enjoyed receiving Tuxedo Rachel Lynn for her birthday, so that’s one more minion with a good home!

        And anyone who wants to see pictures of my Prince can just click on my name and enjoy him in all his majesty 🙂


  6. Stan you are both handsome and wonderful. I’m looking forward to meeting one of your Loyal Minions in central Florida, which is where I live. Prayers and Hugs from me- good luck in your ongoing cancer treatment. My thoughts and prayers are with you-get well soon.


  7. Stan! I found you through Henri, le Chat Noir. We wish you all the best for a full recovery.

    And – Greetings from The Park, which was founded by a cat just like you and is a zoocracy (sorry — all animals run The Park, not just cats!).

    Thought you might enjoy reading about some cats in The Park while you convalesce, so I’ve selected a few articles:




    All the best, Stan!


  8. Thought it might cheer you up to know that two of your minions are now living in Europe. One is residing near Evesham in Worcestershire (UK) and the other in Sorrento, Italy. You are so admired and we send you lots of strong healing thoughts.


  9. Just read about Stan’s story for the first time ever. Stan, you have stolen my heart and to hear of such wonderful story and the good cause behind you has brought tears to my eyes. Wanted to say thank you for giving a voice to kitties without home. You will always be in our hearts. Rest in Peace from the Boudgi family and our little 2-yrs old princes Asher-Ficky = )


  10. I opened a box today which came in the post all the way from Ottawa, Ontario to me in Northern Ireland and sent by my lovely niece Sheila. I had no idea what it contained but my two Burmese, Dempsey and Barnaby had kind of an idea as they tried to open it before me. Inside were two lovely cat nip mice which she had made, and a wonderful minion, Tuxedo Jennifer Lucille with a letter giving information on your website. She also enclosed tissues knowing I would need them after reading Stan’s story – which I did!

    What a lovely surprise and what a lovely website.


    1. I had a feeling you would understand and appreciate. 🙂 Happy Tuxedo Jennifer Lucille made it to her new home safe and sound.


  11. Wow! I learned about stan today from a nat geo kids book at my school. R.I.P. Stan, you were very inspiring to cats everywhere, I bet! 🐱


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