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Dec 15, 2013 3 Comments ›› Hugh

Howdy Partner!

My friend Mike Williams and his posse… er, family recently visited the famous town of Tombstone, Arizona in the USA. They took along Minion Madyson (a.k.a. Sheriff Maddy) and sent some great photos. Saddle up for a real old west adventure…


We finally got to Tombstone and here is a collection of Sheriff Maddy, aka Tuxedo Madyson, taming the “Town Too Tough to Die”. I hope you enjoy them, we had a great time doing them.

Sheriff Maddy made the rounds on her trusty steed, Clip Clop and made sure the Courthouse Museum was safe and sound.

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Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona


Sheriff Maddy chatting with the locals.

Sheriff Maddy

Sheriff Maddy


 In a town as tough as Tombstone, even Sheriff Maddy can be captured by desperados……

Oh no!!!

Oh no!!!





Fortunately, Doc Holliday was able to help Sheriff Maddy out of her predicament. 

What's up, Doc?

What’s up, Doc?


Finally, here is Sheriff Maddy safe and sound with her Posse having lunch at the Crystal Palace Saloon.

Law and order has been restored.

Law and order has been restored.


Hope you enjoy these,

Mike, Pam, Alex and Stephanie.

What an adventure! Thank you Mike, Pam, Alex, Stephanie, Minion Madyson and the great crew in Tombstone for an exciting Old West adventure!


Earl Grey

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  1. Diana Piggott says:

    That is too funny!!
    Oops, I mean what a relief Sheriff Maddy was saved 😉

  2. Very entertaining. Happy for Maddy’s rescue and Celebration at the Saloon.

  3. Way to go, Sheriff Maddy!

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