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Dec 12, 2012 1 Comment ›› Hugh

Today’s pictures come from the capital of the United States of America – Washington, D.C. – courtesy of Kat Gonyea and her cats Fitz and Henry.

Ambavatar Stan and Fitz

Ambavatar Stan and Henry


After a warm welcome from Fitz and Henry, my Ambavatar was escorted on a tour of Washington starting with a visit to the White House. If you look closely, you can see President Obama waving in the window. I couldn’t see Bo the dog  – he was probably digging holes in the back yard.

White House (Washington, DC, USA) by Kat Gonyea


From there, we went to see the Washington Memorial, or as I like to call it – the leaning tower of D.C.

Washington Monument (Washington, DC, USA) by Kat Gonyea


I also visited the Lincoln Memorial. I wanted to sit on President Lincoln’s lap because I heard he was a great animal lover – especially cats! (you can read about it here)

Lincoln Memorial (Washington, DC, USA) by Kat Gonyea


They have a big swimming pool called the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I could see the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building in the distance. I thought about swimming across but it was too chilly. Plus, cats hate to swim.

Washington Monument, Capitol Building and Smithsonian Castle (Washington, DC, USA) by Kat Gonyea


Next, I checked out the Capitol Building (where Congress and Senate meet). I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find my good buddy Hank for Senate.

US Capitol Building (Washington, DC, USA) by Kat Gonyea


Since I live in Catopia which is part of Canada I felt I should visit the Canadian Embassy or as my French-speaking comrades say Ambassade du Canada.

Avatar Stan visits the Canadian Embassy (Washington, DC, USA) by Kat Gonyea


Thank you Kat, Fitz and Henry for the tour of the capital of the United States of America. Your pictures are amazing!


Tuxedo Stan

P.S. – You can see all of my World Tour photos in the GALLERY.

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    Hank should totally be there!! But really, he is too good for that place 😛

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