Tuxedo Stan Declares A Victory!

Tuxedo Stan is pleased to report that Halifax Regional Municipality Council voted unanimously to grant the Nova Scotia SPCA $40,000 toward infrastructure expenses for a new low cost spay and neuter clinic.   This is a groundbreaking gesture just 7 months after many of the councillors signed Tuxedo Stan’s Pledge to support such an endeavour.Continue reading “Tuxedo Stan Declares A Victory!”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – North Carolina

My friend Maria Brown escorted minions Victoria and Alexander to her lake house for a break from their hectic travel schedule. Check it out: (click on any thumbnail to see a full sized image) According to Maria: Minions Victoria and Alexander had a great time at the Lake House at Lake Gaston, NC. They enjoyedContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – North Carolina”