Little Bay Islands Rescue Mission – Update

Remember 1 year ago when a group of dedicated Spay Day Volunteers took on a mission to rescue a colony of cats that was in jeopardy as the humans on the island where they lived were being relocated? Here’s an update from one of their new caregivers in Nova Scotia… “This might be a fittingContinue reading “Little Bay Islands Rescue Mission – Update”

Little Bay Islands Cat Rescue Mission – Page Four

This is the fourth page in the Little Bay Islands Cat Rescue Mission saga. To view previous pages click here – PAGE ONE,  PAGE TWO, PAGE THREE February 7, 2020 1030h – As of today, 28 cats have been placed in their new barn homes. Pat Lee and Cindy Murphy made a trek to Upper StewiackeContinue reading “Little Bay Islands Cat Rescue Mission – Page Four”