The Catopians Introduce The Magical Mystery Box!

You’ve heard of the infamous group, The Catopians, right? You probably know them as TJ, Thelma, Louise and Earl Grey. They became famous after their previous work went viral – Sgt. Earl Grey’s Lonely Clowder of Strays. The one where TJ sings “Louise in The Sky with Temptations.” Rumour has it he was tripping onContinue reading “The Catopians Introduce The Magical Mystery Box!”

Halifax Catio Tour – 2019 Edition

  Halifax Catio Tour 2019 – Keep your cat safe, happy, and healthy. The 2019 Halifax Catio Tour is a self guided tour of four catios. The catios are located in Bedford, Halifax, Hubley, and Boutilier’s Point.  A ‘catio’ is an outdoor enclosure for your cat – a cat patio.  A catio provides safe accessContinue reading “Halifax Catio Tour – 2019 Edition”