Tuxedo Stan’s 2020 Tree of Hope

Tuxedo Stan was only with us for 3 1/2 years, however his dream of a world where cats are treated with respect and compassion lives on.

Every holiday season we decorate our tree with cat ornaments in memory of beloved pets so that everyone can share in his dream. This will be our 8th Tree of Hope since we began the tradition in 2013.

Earl Grey guards Tuxedo Stan’s 2020 Tree of Hope

All proceeds from Tuxedo Stan’s 2020 Tree of Hope will be used to help needy cats in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating this blog regularly until December 25, 2019.

NOTE: Ornaments will be available for purchase in January 2020.

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Tuxedo Stan Chisholm
Fluffy Neal
Ittle Westerman
Amber Durand
Mr Mouse Westerman
Pebbles Sherrard & Fijy Murphy-Popovitch
Ollie Durand
Jezabel Purchase
Yakey Neal
Reesie Lenz
Sylvester Arsenault
Mango Ryan
Nikki Thompson
Schuyler Lenz
Lucky Penny Brouwer
Evangeline Lenz
Puppie Jacob
Ferris Furbutt Lauria
Birdie Cat Gallagher
Carita Carnell
Faelyn “Bubba”
Unloved Kitties Everywhere
Inky Landry
Princess Jezebel Fluff Muffin Magpie Furbutt Lauria
Alphonse Chickosky
Schwester Chickosky
Honky Chickosky
Maow Chickosky
Mother Chickosky
Polly Chickosky
Norton Chickosky
Mr Lee Chickosky
Pancho Chickosky
Furburger Chickosky
Zappa Chickosky
Malina Chickosky
Tiggers Chickosky
Samantha Chickosky
Catherine Chickosky
Bonkers Chickosky
Fatso Chickosky
Iris More
Chuey More
Mecca More
Spot More
Victoria (Little Little) French
Beckiegirl French
Radley Jensen
Smokey Passetto
Selena Passetto
Silk Passetto
Suki Passetto
Shasta Passetto
Christopher Passetto
Emma the Wonder Dog Israel
Gimlet Hoover
Sullivan Kachurek
Flopsy Kachurek
Bartholomew Harvie
Supreme Feline Empress VanGorder
Homeless Kitty – thanks Judy Hollett
Homeless Kitties – thanks Judy Hollett
Jasper Rowter
Dolly Rowter
Hoover Rowter
Guillie Connell
Molly Connell
Rosie Connell
Gwen Connell
Arthur Connell
Goldie Warner
Oreo Connell
BB Connell
In Memory of Tiger Landry
Matey More
Chi Chi Parish
Rory Thompson
LK Benjamin-Long
Pookie Benjamin-Long
Einstein Kelly
Buster Abramovitch
Gabe Abramovitch
Kallie Abramovitch
Nubbie the Dog Spreitzer
Nelbert Spreitzer
Lucky Zablocky
Tookie Zablocky
Clyde Godwin
Fluffy Godwin
Smokey Godwin
RT Godwin
Toby Godwin
Mittens Godwin
Cisco Egan
Pooh Gatzke
2020 Tree of Hope on December 5
Bailey of Whisker Rescue – thanks Marlene Shpak-James
Louise of Catopia – thanks Marlene Shpak-James
Gus Shpak-James
Flint Lavender – Marlene Shpak-James
Nikki Miller
Ollie Miller
MJ Miller
Shadow Miller
Luka Miller
Pumpkin Laviolette
Misty Leslie
Callista Piggott
Sephie Piggott
Ginger Murphy-Popovitch
Hans Murphy-Popovitch
Reza Bachus
Roosje Bachus
Melon Powers
Nuit Powers
Rupert Powers
December 9, 2020
Pumpkin Hansen
Kitten Sondhi-Green
Meeko D’Angelo
In Memory of Memphis D’Angelo
Spaaz Barry
Shnoops Vardy
Spunk Barry
Finn Armstrong
Neighbourhood Kitties – thanks Sheila Curry
Orange Rob-Roy
Petey Tominack
Skittles Steele
Momma Steele
Anna Steele
Henri le Chat Noir – thanks Doug Singer
Zephyr MacDonald
Pumpkin MacDonald
Slinky Schneider
Alfi Gallagher
Tessa Stanton
Sasha Berthelot
Domingo Anderson
Rooster Edgett
Grace IntleKofer
Sugar Imber-Black
Snuggles Imber-Black
Misty Morrison
Jill’s Bessie


Mr Boo Bum Leno
Little Louie Leno
Maxine Stroh
Maggie Stroh
Moully Rose
Stella Barnes
Raisin Slaunwhite
Dave Slaunwhite
Faye Casey
Toby Bond
King McGrattan
Buddy Butt Gallagher
Sophie Carnell
Chester – Wendy J
Daisy Mae Strack
Monty Strack
Leroy Blanchett
Taz Chen
Toby Chen
Brie Chen
Lucy Chen
Elf Chen
Angus Chen
Mad David Murphy-Popovitch
Potter Murphy-Popovitch
Ziggy Murphy-Popovitch
Blackie Murphy-Popovitch
Moochie Murphy-Popovitch
Mr Big Murphy-Popovitch
Fiji Murphy-Popovitch
Stripey Momma Murphy-Popovitch
Schubie Murphy-Popovitch
Heidi Murphy-Popovitch
Tigger Murphy-Popovitch
Juno Murphy-Popovitch
Rollie Murphy-Popovitch
Luca Murphy-Popovitch
Narin Murphy-Popovitch

All proceeds from Tuxedo Stan’s 2020 Tree of Hope will be used to help needy cats in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia.

NOTE: Ornaments will be available for purchase in January 2020.

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

5 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s 2020 Tree of Hope

  1. I think I donated for two ornaments last year for Deuce and Mister Steed. Pretty sure I did not buy them.
    Will they be displayed this year? Especially if I pay the $14 for them?
    Please let me know.

    Thank you.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful tree. I have made a donation in memory of a neighbour’s cat “Sophie” today. She will now be up there with my girl Carita. It fill my heart to know that there is a place where all these beloved companions are remembered.


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