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Sep 29, 2013 34 Comments ›› Hugh

Just like his brother Tuxedo Stan, Earl Grey has developed a Pledge for candidates in the upcoming provincial election to sign and show support for cats in Nova Scotia.

earls pledge

VOTERS: Please ask candidates in your riding to support Earl Grey’s Pledge.



The animal protection legislation in Nova Scotia is dated and inadequate.  If elected to Nova Scotia Provincial Government, I pledge to help the animals in our province in the following ways:

* Support changes to the Animal Protection Act:

– Abandonment shall be illegal
– Provisions to care for abandoned companion animals shall be included
– Issues unique to cats shall be included

* Support affordable spay/neuter programs for cats
* Support increased human and financial resources to aid cruelty investigations and judicial proceedings


Candidates – please email [email protected] stating: “I, (your name and riding), wish to Sign Earl Grey’s Pledge of Compassion and Action.”

Scroll down to read a list of names of candidates who have signed Earl’s Pledge.


Because neglect still isn’t working

Earl no background

The following candidates have signed Earl Grey’s Pledge:

Iain Rankin – Liberal Candidate, Timberlea-Prospect – ELECTED

Vanessa Goodwin-Clairmont – Green Party Candidate, Yarmouth

Diana Whalen – Liberal Candidate, Halifax Clayton Park (via Facebook) – ELECTED

Mary Hamblin, PC Candidate, Halifax Needham

Joanne Bernard, Liberal Candidate, Dartmouth North – ELECTED

Joyce Treen, Liberal Candidate, Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage – ELECTED

Lenore Zann, NDP Candidate, Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River – ELECTED

Keith Irving, Liberal Candidate, Kings South – ELECTED

Allan Rowe, Liberal Candidate, Dartmouth South – ELECTED

Stephen McNeil,  Liberal Candidate, Annapolis – ELECTED PREMIER

Geoff MacLellan, Liberal Candidate, Glace Bay – ELECTED

Stephen Pearl, Liberal Candidate, Kings North

David Mitchell, PC Candidate, Lunenburg West

Tanis Crosby, NDP Candidate, Halifax Atlantic

Ryan Brennan, PC Candidate, Halifax Atlantic

Brendan Maguire, Liberal Candidate, Halifax Atlantic – ELECTED

John Higgins, Liberal Candidate, Northside-Westmount

Chris Poole, Liberal Candidate, Halifax Needham

Keith Colwell, Liberal Candidate, Preston Dartmouth – ELECTED

Mark Furey, Liberal Candidate, Lunenburg West – ELECTED

The PC Party has sent the following message on behalf of all its candidates:

“We have our ears perked at the sound of your proposed, and very reasonable, reforms to an out of date law. You can expect us to pounce at an opportunity to support them.

If you sent this to other PC candidates, we ask you to consider this as the response on behalf of all, due to the overwhelming number of requests flowing in. Our candidates are unable to sign pledges per se, but can indicate support as in this letter.

One of the things that stood out for our Caucus when we discussed animal cruelty laws was that they obviously date from a time when there was no will to enforce those laws with public resources, hence the SPCA. We have said that the public expects the law to be enforced and that it is appropriate to provide proper resources to do so. I cannot see anything in your requested pledge that a PC Government or Caucus would not support.

In my earlier professional life I saw a significant number of cruelty and other animal cases. Animal cruelty cases were in a league of their own. I did, however, notice a number of improvements in the way pet, farm and wild animal cases were dealt with over time, mostly because a few very dedicated people worked patiently to make things better. You two have been important cogs in that progress.

With warm regards,

Rob McCleave
Chief of Staff to Jamie Baillie and the PC Caucus
for the PC Campaign”

The Nova Scotia NDP has sent the following message on behalf of all its candidates:

I am writing on behalf of Premier Darrell Dexter, Leader of the New Democratic Party, and all NDP candidates, on your election campaign and pledge. Our candidates are unable to sign pledges per se, but can indicate support through this letter. We applaud you and others who speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The NDP is working hard to implement the Animal Protection Act amendments that the NDP adopted in the Legislature this spring.  It had been years since the Act was meaningfully amended, and the NDP recognizes that while there were substantive changes made, there is more to do to protect animals in Nova Scotia. In addition, last year the NDP doubled government funding for the SPCA. The NDP values its partnership with organizations like the SPCA.

The new law creates stiffer penalties for animal abusers, expands the definition of distress for animals and broadens regulation-making powers, including with respect to standards of care. While most of the focus of the spring amendments and current regulatory work is on dogs and puppies (Nova Scotia will soon become only the second province to have tethering regulations, based on the overwhelming response in the public consultations), neither the Act nor the amendments exclude cats from protection.

In fact, cats being mistreated or otherwise made to suffer (“distress” in the Act) are now afforded greater protection under the Act.  The new regulation-making powers enable further protection of cats.

The NDP government has been engaging stakeholders, such as the SPCA, as well as the general public around submissions to support the drafting of regulations.  The current process did not specifically seek to exclude cats and their care from consideration and does not preclude the application of regulations around standards of care, for example, from applying to cats or other animals. The NDP encourages your input to any and all regulatory work that strengthens protections for cats.

It should also be noted that in the past, the NDP has expressed support for a province wide TNR (trap-neuter-release) program for feral cats and the NDP continues to support this proposal.

I thank you for the opportunity to outline the NDP positions on this important issue.

Best regards,

Dan O’Connor
Chief of Staff to Premier Darrell Dexter – Leader, Nova Scotia New Democratic Party
For the NDP Campaign


  1. Leanne Burkholder says:

    Keep fighting Earl!

  2. Mimi Stevenson says:

    Passionate support of Earl Grey and his platform for cats because NEGLECT IS NOT WORKING!!

  3. Michelle Dulong says:

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Aann Rendell says:

    I wish I were in Nova Scotia to vote for you Earl. I fully support your platform – in memory of two stray cats who used to follow our cat, Whiskey, home to our apartment in Halifax in the 1970’s. One we called Big Orange. He had obviously had a home sometime and was very comfortable to come in, eat, purr, sleep anywhere but especially on our bed. The other we called Raggedy Ann. Her hair stood on end. She looked as if she had been electrocuted and she was a true feral cat. She was very leery of humans and would only come inside on the coldest of nights, sit quietly at the back door and eat a little, sometimes catch a quick cat nap while still sitting up and then slip back out into the cold night.

  5. Suzanne Hawkes says:

    Canada is watching, human candidates! Go Earl!

  6. Hopefully we can reflect your hard work here in America.

  7. Shelly Hipson says:

    The NDP made an announcement in the Spring stating that changes were made to the Animal Protection Act. However, to date, none of these changes were proclaimed by John MacDonell, Minister of Agriculture. That means that NO CHANGES were made to the Act.

  8. I am so proud of you, Earl for keeping stan’s memory alive. He only walked this way just once but did so much for our furry friends Fight the good fight, Earl, for Stan and cats everywhere. I would certainly vote for you you are the best following in the pawprints of the best GOOD LUCK Lots of Love SheenaXXX

  9. Valerie Slaunwhite says:

    I spoke to the rep for NDP this afternoon and he said that they are pushing to get the new laws into effect. I truly hope this is true.

  10. Lee Turner says:

    We need to bring these proposals into law. Sadly, too may animals are still treated as possessions & not sentinel, feeling beings as they are. Compassion & understanding is the key to unnecessary suffering to animals. Time to get tough!
    I am a shelter worker & see first hand how cruel humans can be. Let us to what we can sooner rather than later.

  11. kelly says:

    let’s hope the candidates put some action behind their words.

  12. Bonnie Skerritt says:

    It appears that no NDP candidates have signed this yet, nor have they come to my door, but that is another issue.
    So no actual changes to the Animal Protection Act and no signatures for the Pledge of Action and Compassion. Hmmmmmm……..

  13. Hmmm… the candidates in my ridin’ have still not signed. Think I’m gonna have to head on over to their FB pages and remind them ’bout this.


  14. Debbie Hill says:

    I will tell all my friends near and far.
    God Bless
    Meow from Boo & Bee

  15. Liz says:

    Animal’s have the same right’s as people do, to be treated with dignity, compassion, and ethical treatment.

  16. Miss Marli & Miss Autumn would like to add their MEOWS to Earl’s cause. As the only 2 rescued felines in a house of 5 retired greyhounds we know the importance of the cause & we all need to stand up & be counted in this very important fight for the rights of all animals.
    GO EARL !! 🙂

  17. Still nothin’ from Annapolis, huh? MOUSES!

    • Paula says:

      Hi Nerissa, I am not sure what part of Annapolis, but I did notice in the list that the head of the Liberal Party Stephen McNeil did sign the pledge.

      • Oh yes, he did. He signed shortly after I left that comment. Sorry ’bout my not noticing this, earlier.

        I’m ever so pleased that Stephen McNeil signed the pledge. He lives in my very own ridin’. I’m very proud to say the that the person representin’ my peeps and me signed Earl Grey’s Pledge of Compassion. Makes me purr and purr and purr.


  18. carole says:

    I messaged my Liberal candidate Chris Poole that he could get my vote by signing the pledge. He said he did but I don’t see his name???

  19. carole says:

    Says he signed!

    Chris Poole – Liberal Halifax Needham I did. A couple of days ago… I emailed the pledge to the email address like the website said.

  20. Ursula says:

    I am actually from Germany and can’t joggle much. But with my signature here I wanna support you, Earl.

  21. Rock on Earl Grey…*humble purrs for your dear brother Stan*

  22. Collette says:

    Wow, received a call from a rep on behalf of Maureen MacDonald this evening, asking if Maureen can count on our support. My response was to ask whether we can count on Maureen’s support for the Animal Protection Act changes and the Tuxedo Party pledge. She claimed to not have any knowledge of the issue, did not know there was an Animal Protection Act, and had heard nothing from anyone about this issue. Shame on the NDP.

    • Jen Zwicker says:

      At least she responded our NDP candidate won’t return calls, emails or Facebook messages…. I think the NDP are showing their true colors

  23. Ian says:

    Disappointing that NDP candidate MacDonald doesn’t know anything about the Animal Protection Act or the changes to the act advocated by the Tuxedo Party. Disappointing as well that the NDP won’t give their candidates the autonomy to support meaningful pledges for action where action is needed.

  24. Jen Zwicker says:

    is this list up to date the liberal candidate in my area said we was going to sign but I don’t see his name

  25. Jen Zwicker says:

    don’t see his name 🙁

  26. Jeff says:

    I voted Earl Grey today even though he’s not on the ballot. A purrfect opportunity to spoil my vote.

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