Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Australia

G’day mate!

I sent two of my Ambavatars to Australia. They both arrived a little jet lagged but ready for sight-seeing.

The first one went to Daniel Mack in Queensland, Australia. He took me to the beach – surf’s up!

Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


Daniel says Stan will be travelling down to Sydney at Christmas, and shall be attending the Sydney Opera House and touring the Harbour Bridge, before visiting the famous Blue Mountains. I can’t wait!!!


The next Tuxedo Stan Ambavatar went to Merry Wickes in warm and sunny Adelaide. She says we went for a wander through the city and checked out a number of places, including the State Parliament, Rundle Mall and North Terrace, Adelaide University and Elder Park alongside the River Torrens that flows through the city.

Check it out:

South Australia’s state Parliament, Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide Arcade, Australia
North Terrace, Adelaide, Australia
On the bank of the River Torrens in Adelaide, Australia
Dame Roma Mitchell, out front of Adelaide’s Government House, Australia
Paying respect to the Kaurna people of Adelaide – Adelaide is built on the land of the Kaurna tribe
State Library of Adelaide, Australia
Exhausted after all the travelling, I stop for a veggie burger in Elder Park, Adelaide, Australia

THANK YOU Dan and Merry!!! You have done Australia proud 🙂

I Can’t wait to see more pics from down under, especially since it’s so nice and sunny there during our long northern winter in Catopia.


Tuxedo Stan

P.S. – You can see all of my World Tour photos in the GALLERY.

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