Sad News

We are saddened to inform Stan fans that he has been admitted to the veterinary hospital with a very serious kidney issue.

TS hospital 2013-01-17 at 11-28-54
Tuxedo Stan tries to make the best of life in a kennel.

His spirits are good and we are hoping for a favourable outcome. We are currently waiting for ultrasound testing to be performed to further assess his situation.

We will keep you informed of his progress as we learn the full extent of his trouble.

Jan 17, 9:45 pm UPDATE: Tuxedo Stan’s ultrasound showed that he has a large mass invading his left kidney – probably a tumor. He will need to have the kidney removed ASAP. The good news is that his right kidney looks OK and there was no indication of metastasis to other organs. Cats, like humans, can live a normal life with just one kidney. Let’s hope that will be the case with Stan. He still has lots of work left to do. Stan (and his humans) would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for your support and well wishes. We will post regular updates to keep you informed of his progress. He’s been paroled from the vet hospital overnight so he can sleep in his own bed while we arrange his operation.

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

45 thoughts on “Sad News

  1. Dear Stan and Family,

    I feel just awful over Stan being hospitalized and subsequently being diagnosed w/ a tumor. I lost my 3.5 Sphynx brother to Intestinal Lymphoma this past October.

    My family and I are purring and praying ’round the clock for Stan’s recovery. He and the Tuxedo Party have been an inspiration to me—I personally consider him my hero as well as part of my Facebook family.

    Tuxedo Power!


    Henry Hobson


  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I lost my Siamese kitty, John to an advanced kidney sarcoma. I am so glad to hear that your tumor was discovered early. You’ll be up and about in no time, exploring your world! Hugs and wishes. Nancy, and the Two Terrific Torties, Tallie and Big Stella.


  3. Love ya Stan……hope all goes well! I am sure your family will give you let’s of TLC. The vet clinic in PEI is awesome – my cat went there for a cardiac ultra sound. She has a severe heart condition but is doing well. The care she received was wonderful …… I wish they took human patients!

    Take care and be well!!


  4. just wanted you to know that we are “purring” and praying for your recovery. Positive thoughts and best wishes to “Stan, our man””
    Haruki and Miisu Daborn


  5. Your minions, supporters,kitty cousins and many FB fans are wishing you a speedy recovery Stan!!! Catopia awaits your return to lead us all to bigger and better things!!!!

    We love you little man xoxoxo Safe travels to and from PEI


  6. Tuxedo Albert, Tuxedo Socrates, Callista (odd tabby out), and their humans are all on tenterhooks here, hoping all goes well for our beloved Stanley ❤


  7. So very sorry to hear Stan’s not doing well. Two years ago we lost our Apache to kidney and heart disease after 14 years really good years. Hang in there Stan!!


  8. My prayers and love go out to you, Stan. (I lost my kitty, Fuzzy, to kidney cancer. They did not catch it in time.). I hope you make a speedy recovery.


  9. Stan – you are identifial to my boy Yahoo. He and his brother Google are huge fans of your’s – they (and their parents) send you love and prayers for a speedy reccovery.


  10. My wife and I have followed Stan’s fame since he became a “Famous Kitty”. We have and always will be a cat family having as many as 10 throw away Furry Friends living with us on an indoor basis. All were spayed and neutered and have lived up to 16 plus years. Last year we started taking 5 camping each weekend to our seasonal trailer site. A true adventure but thet were with us. We hope that with surgery and chemo Stan will rally and continue recover from his health challenge and live a long comfortable life. Give him a hug for us and rest assured we will follow his progress. This week we lost one of our “Senior Boys” who was 14 and we are grieving his loss. he was a stray who had 14 wonderful, healthy, happy years with us and that is what helps us during this difficult time.


  11. So sad to hear you’re not feeling up to scratch! My peoples and I purr, and pray, you’ll be better soon. We tuxedos need to stick together. Meow.

    Peekaboo Allen


  12. You bet we are rooting, Hugh. He has had such influence in raising awareness.
    He has wonderfiul humans, too. Prayers continue.


  13. Well, Stan, now that the diagnosis is complete you need to stay strong and fight hard! You have a wonderful family and lots of supporters pulling for you. The cats of the world need you!!
    Take care!


  14. Hi, Stan. I and my friends (some of whom are not even tuxedos!) are wishing you a speedy recovery and healthier days ahead. I live in Minnesota but my human was in Halifax last April as a stopover for the Titanic Memorial Cruise. Had I known you were running for office then, I would have had her sneak in a vote from me. Keep positive, my friend (Lots of catnip will help here) and eat good food. It sounds like you have wonderful humans taking care of you. For all their faults they can sometimes be quite helpful, can’t they?


    1. Dear Pye-etc..I’ve been a loyal staff member for a number of cats that have lived w/us over the years. Yes. We human staff members can be quite helpful since we have opposable thumbs instead of dew-claws and can use manual and electric can openers to get your special food out on schedule, among other duties such as head and belly rubs, sprinkling cans of catnip, etc.. Hope your staff is more than adequate.


  15. Het Stan. Truly sad to hear the news of your illness. When evr I read your blog I have a purrfect day…in particular posts from Wash., D.C. at the Washington Monument (which I thought you’d describe as the Washington Scratching Post). Wishing you a heartfelt speedt recovery!! Bless you and yours.


  16. Stan, thinking of you and your family. Bad news is so hard to take but I admire your fighting spirit!! You are a beautiful guy and I love the great pictures your family have posted of you. Wishing you a speedy recovery from here in Iowa and I’m going to donate to our local spay/neuter group in your name!


  17. Best wishes from Richmond Hill, Ontario – you’re a fighter and we know you’ll give it your best. After all, if you can make it through an election campaign you can make it through anything !

    Much love from our family and our two kitties.


  18. Best of Luck to Stan! I had a kitty named Garfield (yes he was a orange tabby lol )died of cancer. My daughter had brain cancer at 2,she is 13 and still cancer free! I know you will do well,they caught it early,that is so important!

    (hugs from my family)


  19. Hang in there, Stan, and take your meds! Prayers to you and your family. My two little fur daughters are rooting for you too!


  20. Your fans Jay, Ty and Quincy the mouser in Ajax, Ontario want you to keep your spirit and fight, little buddy! We know you’re getting excellent care, and wish for a strong and speedy recovery!!

    Get well soon, Stan!!


  21. We just lost our beloved YoYo Meow to heart disease and cancer last week. He was a stray who showed up at our door near death and in exchange for a forever home he gave all the companionship and love he had to give. We miss him greatly. We and our remaining kitties will keep Stan in our thoughts and wish him a speedy return to health and his important work.


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