Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – More From Australia

My friend Daniel Mack has submitted more photos from Australia. I’ll let him give you the guided tour:

Little Stan has been continuing to enjoy his Australian adventure, and has really become quite accustomed to the Aussie way of getting involved and lending a helping hand. On his travels to the Northern Territory (Crocodile Dundee country), little Stan hitchhiked down to Yulara and got involved with local emergency services and the fire department. The folks down at the Yulara Fire Station were really grateful for little Stan’s help, and made him an honouree fire officer…official job description….emergency rescue cat liaison officer….and I have reports that little Stan successfully coaxed a few fellow stranded felines down from trees etc in his time with the Yulara Fire Department…..here we see little Stan receiving accolades from my friend Perry, another fire officer stationed at Yulara….

Perry and Ambavatar Stan


Other duties involved taking the Emergency Service Land Cruiser out to patrol Australia’s iconic Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock). Little Stan took in some sightseeing here too….

Sightseeing in Australia
Sightseeing in Northern Territory
Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock)
Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock)
Another view


Little Stan on the job with another volunteer, little Stan’s friend, Fire Panda……..Uluru in the background…

Ambavatar Stan and Fire Panda
Ambavatar Stan and Fire Panda


Little Stan was only too happy to help out with general duties too, keeping mice numbers down in the fire shed….

A minion never rests!
A minion never rests!


From what I hear, little Stan is coming home to Brisbane in the next few weeks, to rest up with his friends Molly, Max and Cosi, before working out where to head next in this big brown land!


Dan, Katrina, Max, Molly and Cosi

Thanks Dan, you and your Aussie friends rock!


Tuxedo Stan

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2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – More From Australia

  1. Appreciate the kind words, but no need to thank me…. the little fella is outa control…he just ups and goes. Apparently, he’s off to Western Australia next.


    1. I love your pictures and stories, and your comment had me in tears of laughter 🙂

      Also your name makes me smile: my husband attended a school in Winnipeg affectionately referred to as “Daniel Mac”!


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