Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Arizona

One of Tuxedo Stan’s minions, Tuxedo Maddy, was invited to visit the Hermitage Cat Shelter in Tucson, Arizona.

The Hermitage Cat Shelter is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization supported entirely by donations. We are dedicated to the shelter, protection, and care of homeless cats, especially those that are often not considered adoptable by other organizations. We are both an adoption facility and long-term sanctuary for those felines who are “adoption-challenged.” including felines who are FIV or FeLV-positive, and other types of chronic health issues. All of our kitties roam free within 8,000 sq ft of outdoor/indoor living space.

Here are some photos from Maddy’s adventure. Click any photo to see the full-sized version.

DSC00098 DSC00099 DSC00101 DSC00102 DSC00103 DSC00104 DSC00112 DSC00113 DSC00115 DSC00122 DSC00149 DSC00152 DSC00156 DSC00169 DSC00171

Afterwards, Maddy had lunch at Freddy’s. Mmm… chili cheese fries!


Tuxedo Stan is proud to be associated with the nice folks at the Hermitage Cat Shelter! He sends a gigantic PURR to all the staff, volunteers and supporters.

Many thanks to Mike Williams for submitting the photos.

You can see LOTS more pictures from around the world in my Photo Gallery. Check it out.

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Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Arizona

  1. It was an honor to take Maddy on her adventure.
    Yes, the Hermitage is an awesome place and my family and I dearly love the kittys they care for.

    Mike Williams


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