Tuxedo Albert Takes A Bath

My minion Tuxedo Albert has sent us regular updates about his adventures in Alberta, Canada. Unfortunately, being adventurous means getting dirty. Today Diana Piggott tells us how her minions manage to keep themselves clean…

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After all his backcountry adventures, Albert really needed a bath!

Albert gets ready for his bath
Albert gets ready for his bath


But how?  We found a little bath tub just the right size for him, and a nice little back brush.  What to use for soap?  Tony had an idea!

Tony has a suggestion
Tony has a suggestion


Socrates appeared out of nowhere, completely unbidden, and proceeded to add his own random element to the proceedings…

Socrates the cat confers with Tuxedo Tony the Minion
Socrates the cat confers with Tuxedo Tony the Minion
A tussle ensues...
A tussle ensues…
What? I didn't do it!
What? I didn’t do it!


Albert was washed…

All wet! But clean, we hope :)
All wet! But clean, we hope 🙂


… toweled off, and bundled up to dry beside his favourite art pillow.

Resting comfortably :)
Resting comfortably 🙂


STAN FOR MEN body wash is recommended for humans but it appears you can also use it to freshen up your minions after their adventures!

Thank you Diana Piggott, Minion Albert, Minion Tony and Socrates the cat for a truly memorable story!


Tuxedo Stan

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2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Albert Takes A Bath

  1. Love this!! Will need to send Stan a picture of our new boy, Asa, who looks remarkably like Stan, is 3-4 years old and has FIV. Adopted during Maddie’s Fund Weekend event here in Northern California last week. He’s already 17 lbs and is an MC of course!

    I love the miniature vignettes- so clever!!!


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