Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minnesota, USA

I recently received some more great photos from Alicia Roehler (she’s the same Alicia who sent photos from Puerto Rico):

My Minion and I visited Friends of Animals Humane Society Saturday.  I did my usual volunteer work, while Minion Pepper discussed some of the issues facing this small animal shelter and what could be done to improve  the facilities.

Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals
Minion Pepper
Minion Pepper


Seeing things from Buckwheat’s point of view:

Buckwheat and Minion Pepper
Buckwheat and Minion Pepper


Here Pepper is in a deep discussion with Skeezix.  All ended well when Skeezix gave Pepper a kiss and lick on the ear….

Skeezix and Pepper
Skeezix and Pepper




Friends Of Animals  is located in Cloquet, MN USA  Their web page is www.foaonline.org

Thank you Alicia and Minion Pepper for sending us these great photos and telling us about Friends Of Animals!


Tuxedo Stan

You can see LOTS more pictures from around the world in my Photo Gallery. Check it out.

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