Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Calgary, Alberta

I recently received another update from my friend Diana Piggott in Calgary, Alberta. You might remember they had severe flooding there a few weeks ago…

Dear Stanley,

We are delighted to hear that you are feeling better.  We thought you might be interested in another update from your minions in Calgary, well some of them anyway – it appears we are not “alone”.

Alberta, June 2013:  Floods and Flowers

We were all getting a bit of cabin fever, and Victoria had never even been out of the house, so our first outing was a local one with the three minion-teers, along the banks of the mighty Bow River.  First we saw the big muddy river from a nice, high viewpoint, overlooking the twin CPR bridges (Bowness) which were just barely above water two weeks ago.

Bow River, Bowness (Calgary, Alberta)
Bow River, Bowness (Calgary, Alberta)


Then we walked down to a recently re-opened footpath, which had been under a couple of metres of rushing muddy water.  The poor footbridge had been quite battered, with trees still stuck through it, but apparently survived the onslaught.

Poor bridge!  But it held up -)
Poor bridge! But it held up -)


  Ironically, late June is when Calgary looks most attractive, all green and flowery….

Flowery hillside above Bow
Flowery hillside above Bow


Pretty much all of the Kananskis is closed now, due to flood damage .
We were able to visit a little park in the Bow Valley, though, which was soggy but pleasant, and open!

Middle (kettle) Lake, Bow Valley
Middle (kettle) Lake, Bow Valley


The bright splashes of orange in the fields turned out to be a kind of lily, admired by all three minions — Tony, Albert and Victoria.

Tiger lily?  No, wood lily
Tiger lily? No, wood lily


Queen Victoria, (oops I mean *minion* Victoria)  really liked the Alberta wild rose bush,

Victoria likes Alberta wild rose  -)
Victoria likes Alberta wild rose -)


and was quite enchanted with the lady slippers, but alas they were not her size 

Ladyslippers!  Do they come a size larger??
Ladyslippers! Do they come a size larger??


Another day, we took Victoria and Albert out for a bicycle adventure up the Highwood River.

Road closed?
Road closed?


The highway is closed due to many washouts, but bicycles can get further than cars.  Sadly, we won’t be driving up here for a long time.

Road gone!!
Road gone!!


Victoria and Albert do seem to be getting along very nicely.  They were happy to pose in front of a lovely rose bush,

Pretty Alberta rose bush!
Pretty Alberta rose bush!


and seem very content on their bicycle built for two (minions, that is!).

Bicycle built for two minions?  -)
Bicycle built for two minions? -)


Watch for further developments…….

Thank you Diana, Albert, Victoria and Tony. I LOVE getting photos from Alberta – it’s so pretty. Please send more!


Tuxedo Stan

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