500 Snips!

Tuxedo Stan will be with us in spirit on Sunday, September 15 as we celebrate Spay Day HRM’s 500th surgery.

In just 2 short years Linda Felix’s dream of spaying “a few cats” has mushroomed into a highly successful low cost spay and neuter program for low income families.

We will honour Linda and her army of volunteers with a fun afternoon of celebration.

Why not join us? It’s free!

Captain William Spry Community Centre

16 Sussex Street in Halifax, NS

Remember, Tuxedo Stan once said: “I’m neutered and I’m proud of it! Testicles are over-rated.”

Would you like to help with the Spay Day program? You can sponsor a spay or neuter surgery and receive a classy certificate to hang on your trophy wall.

500 snips


Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

2 thoughts on “500 Snips!

  1. I am a pet lover especially cats.Me and my partner have 3 cats,longtail white manx,calico cat and a 3 year old orange tabby(Hemmingwaycat) with double paws on front and all are rescued cats.I am real interested in putting up a sign on deck as I have or we have cat lovers around us.


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