Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Poezenboot

Tuxedo Party member Joe Popovitch recently visited a very special cat sanctuary in Amsterdam, Holland – DE POEZENBOOT (Click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized image) Some history from The Cat Boat website: It all began a very long time ago with a mother and her kittens. And a lady who took pity onContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Poezenboot”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Alexander James

My friend C.D. Marquardt recently sent me the following photos of Tuxedo Alexander James’ vacation adventures: (Click any thumbnail to see the full-sized image) Tuxedo Alexander James arrived safely in Vancouver and shortly after went on his first vacation – a cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and then on to Vegas!      Continue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Alexander James”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Spencer

My friend Terry Keelan sent the following photos of Minion Spencer in Calgary Alberta. Spencer exercised his civic duty and voted in the city’s recent election. (Click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized image)     Thank you Terry Keelan and Minion Spencer for sharing this important moment in a minion’s career! Love, EarlContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Spencer”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Nathan

Here’s another great minion adventure – this time from Minion Nathan… My friend Val Leaman sent me these photos on behalf of Minion Nathan: (Click any thumbnail to see the full-sized image) Minion Nathan ready to roll. Got his map out to guide him… Waiting to cross the border at St. Stephen NB… Enjoying aContinue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Nathan”

Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Everywhere!

We’ve been getting a LOT of photos of minions out and about on their mission to spread Tuxedo Stan’s message of hope around the world. Here’s the latest batch. My Friend Sandra Forward-Warner sent some photos of a Tuxedo Stan Minion on vacation in France! Check it out:              Continue reading “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Everywhere!”