Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Minion Nathan

Here’s another great minion adventure – this time from Minion Nathan…

My friend Val Leaman sent me these photos on behalf of Minion Nathan:

(Click any thumbnail to see the full-sized image)

Minion Nathan ready to roll.

Nathan 1

Got his map out to guide him…

Nathan 2

Waiting to cross the border at St. Stephen NB…

Nathan 3

Enjoying a picnic near Bangor, ME…

Nathan 4

Admiring the gardens at City Hall in Sherbrooke QC…

Nathan 5

The Scary High Suspension Bridge in Coaticook, QC that Nathan crossed…

Nathan 6

Learning about hydro-electric power in Sherbrooke…

Nathan 7

Ready for a swim in Lake Champlain, site of the Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812…

Nathan 8

View from the top (156 steps up) of the Thomas Macdonough monument in Plattsburgh, where he met a veterinarian also doing the climb and told her all about Spay Day HRM…

Nathan 9

With the anchor from HMS Confiance.  The ship was surrendered on September 11, 1814 just 2 hours into the battle.  The anchor was raised a few years ago, restored and now sits in the Plattsburgh City Hall…

Nathan 10

Meeting the Chief Engineer for Sir Gordon Drummond…

Nathan 11

Heading home on the ferry across a very rough Lake Champlain…

Nathan 12


Thank you Val Leaman and Minion Nathan for sharing another great minion adventure!


Earl Grey

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