Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Russia

I just received a batch of photos from my friend Alexy Duplyakov in Russia! Minions are everywhere!!!

If you look closely you will see the Kremlin in the background…

Hi everyone! Privet!

My name is Tuxedo Dimitry and now I’m travelling by Moscow to spread compassion and hope for neglected felines and all the suffering of living beings. When here is a cold and snowy winter outside the window, this is especially important. Besides the main streets and squares of the Russian capital, I also have visited the monument to homeless dog Malchik. It is dedicated to the dog, who lived near the “Mendeleevskaya” subway station entrance, and was killed by passersby. I hope my journey will attract little impact to the problem of sympathy for those who left without a roof and food because of the people, in Russia and everywhere. I will continue my mission in other cities as soon as possible.

Alexey Duplyakov


Minion Dimitry in Moscow
Minion Dimitry in Moscow


Minion Dimitry in Moscow
Minion Dimitry in Moscow


Dimitry at the Kremlin
Dimitry at the Kremlin


Minion Dimitry in Moscow
Spasskaya Clock Tower in Moscow


Minion Dimitry in Moscow
Minion Dimitry on the street in Moscow


Minion Dimitry on Malchik's Monument in Moscow
Minion Dimitry on Malchik’s Monument in Moscow


Thank you Alexy Duplyakov and Minion Tuxedo Dimitry for these great photos! I look forward to seeing more from Russia. Stay warm.


Earl Grey

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4 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Russia

  1. So wonderful to see this, and how far the message and the minions have travelled. I am sad to hear of the dog that was cruelly killed! Having a monument will hopefully raise awareness and is a fitting tribute. Thanks for sending these pics and sharing your compassion with us across the world.


  2. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures!
    It is indeed amazing how far and wide Stan’s
    and Earl’s message is traveling!! Together, we can
    make a difference!


  3. Always heartbreaking to hear of an animal killed, but how heartwarming that there are those who care, to build a monument to honour, just as Stan and Earl’s minions honour our furry friends around the world.
    Спасибо – I hope that is correct translation for Thank you, Alexy and Dimitry!


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