Attention Gardeners!

Earl Grey is pleased to announce the official launch of his new line of seeds.

Seeds poster1

The weather may still be terrible but gardening season is coming very soon.

Earl Grey has been hard at work over the winter putting together a set of three very special seed varieties.

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EG seeds 5

Included in the set are three distinct types of seeds:


Earl Grey’s Catopian Cat Grass

EG grass“Cats love to eat grass. Don’t ask me why. Somehow I feel compelled to keep the 4 foot tall grass that mom planted two years ago down to a more respectable 6 inches. Yeah, so occasionally I barf up kibble laced with grass. It is SO worth it.”

– Earl Grey








Tuxedo Stan’s Forget-Me-Nots

TS in wheelbarrow with seeds“On warm spring days I loved to lie in the middle of thousands of these little blue polka dots and wonder what it would be like to be a flower. (I also had bad thoughts about bugs… confession is good for the soul.) Of course, I can’t lay in the garden any more but my little blue friends come back every year. I like to think a little part of me comes back with them.”

– Tuxedo Stan




Earl Grey’s Bergamot

EG seeds 1“When the humans showed me the packet of Bergamot seeds  my first thought was WOW!, I look fantastic! In my opinion, you should buy these seeds for that reason alone. Although… I suppose I should give some credit to the purple-pink flowers in the background. Plus, the leaves smell really nice (like mint) and you can use them in tea. I know all about tea… or my name’s not Earl Grey.”

– Earl Grey




Order your seeds from Earl’s ONLINE STORE today.

Halifax residents can pick them up at PetValu in Clayton Park (Lacewood & Dunbrack Streets).


Earl Grey enjoys lying in a field of Forget-Me-Nots
Earl Grey enjoys lying in a field of Forget-Me-Nots

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I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

5 thoughts on “Attention Gardeners!

  1. purchased the most adorable book…..”ME!”, a wonderful bio of the little man and his rise to fame. Also purchased cat grass seed…. will be planting them this w/e. Sammy must have been able to tell they were for him, as he grabbed the envelope and ran off with it as soon as I got home. Will be purchasing more books as gifts. Thank you Kathy for writing a wonderful book, and sharing all his beautiful pics with his adoring public.


  2. I had wanted to plant forget me nots by our memory stone for our own dear departed tuxedo, Seamus. What better way to do this than with Stanley’s own flower seeds? Thank you!


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