Announcing TJ

“Hi, my name is TJ.”

How ya doin'?
How ya doin’?


That’s short for “Tuxedo Junior”. HA! I may be junior now, but just you wait!

Here’s my story:

I don’t remember much from when I was really little. But when I was four weeks old I was found covered in oily goop wandering in the middle of a highway. Cars raced over top of me and I was really scared until a lady stopped her car to rescue me. And that’s when my whole life changed…

May 11, 2014
May 11, 2014


I was enrolled in Linda Felix’s Spay Day HRM foster program. She named me “Frankie” because I had nice blue eyes like some guy named Frank Sinatra.

First thing they did was feed me. That was really good. Second and third thing was bathe me. Not so good. I do NOT like bubble baths!

Then I started kindergarten with the BEST foster family ever. I had tons of toys and my very own room.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about!
Now THIS is what I’m talking about!


Me and Theodore became best friends. He was very cuddly and a deep thinker.

Me and Theodore
Me and Theodore napping


Hanging out with Teddy
Hanging out with Theo


Sleeping in my own bed.
I got to sleep in my own bed.


Ahhh, life is good!
Ahhh, life is good!


My foster mom and dad (Jan and Peter) made sure I got lots of love and attention and they started teaching me how to be gentle. I was already cute and smart.

Peter was very nice to me
Peter made me feel very safe


Sleeping on a nice warm lap. Zzzzz...
Jan had a nice warm lap. Zzzzz…


This is me with my friend Joey. He was a rescue cat too. Joey took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. At first I kept a respectful distance but Joey couldn’t resist my charm.


Me keeping a respectful distance
Me keeping a respectful distance


We were best buds
We became best buds


Me and Joey cuddling
Me and Joey liked napping together


Peek a boo!
Joey taught me a game called Peek a boo!


Joey and his friends invited me to join them in a feast they called “breakfast”. I love breakfast! (I love lunch, dinner and bedtime snack time too!)



Me and my friends hanging out.
Me and my friends hanging out after breakfast


Wasn't I a cute kitten?
Pedestal = a position in which someone (me) is greatly or uncritically admired


After I got bigger and stronger, it was time to leave my foster home for a whole new bunch of adventures in Catopia. Me and Theo can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next! I’m going to miss Joey, Jan and Peter, but I know there will be other little kittens who will need their love and encouragement.

Catopia, here I come!
Catopia, here I come!


Here’s a selection of cute videos of me at my foster home. They’re like potato chips, once you start, you won’t be able to stop at just one:

Fuzzy toy

Playing with a mouse

Wrestling with Joey

World Cup soccer match

Playing with Joey on the cat tree

Joey cracks me up

You can follow all my adventures in Catopia on the

Tuxedo Party Facebook Page


P.S. – Many thanks to Jan and Peter MacArthur for providing the great photos and videos of TJ for today’s blog post.

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I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

12 thoughts on “Announcing TJ

  1. Another wonderful happy ending! I’m sure that when you’re real parents met you that immediately realized your charming personality, and knew what a wonderful addition you would make to Catopia. You truly are a beautiful kitten, we are so happy for you! Tommy, Puddin, Diva and Sammy xoxoxo


  2. You are all my heroes, you know that. Welcome, little TJ, to Catopia. I have a feeling we will be hearing and seeing a lot from you! love and purrs from Loki, Mungus, Snickerdoodle and Tiny Timbit….oh, and me, their secretary! xo


  3. what a beautiful kitten you cat Finnigan would like to teach you how to catch mice and how to wrap your human around your paw….glad you are being looked after the way allkittiesshould be lookedafter…Hugs from Finnigan


  4. Welcome to Facebook TJ! You are the sweetest little tuxedo kitten, and you will learn well under the guidance of The Earl! He might seem a little grumpy as he gets used to you but that’s cause he’s learning to love you too. Can’t wait to see more of you and your adventures. – from Monson, Rocky, Sebby, Ozzie & Tori … the “high five” (and their guardians, Jean & Steve)


  5. You, my little friend, are treading in the footsteps of giants! I’m sure you will get great guidance from your new friends in Catopia! I’m no psychic, but I see great things in your future!! Congratulations on your new home!!


  6. Three cheers for Joey! I watched the videos – what a nice boy to play so gently with the baby. Extra cuddles for him!


  7. What a story! So happy TJ wa as rescued and has a loving forever home. Fosters are awesome! Such big hearts!
    TJ looks so much like my little adopted Frankie…:)


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