Just For Cats Halifax Video Festival

Remember the fun we had at the Just For Cats Halifax Video Festival last summer? Well, we’re doing it again.

Join the Tuxedo Party, Spay Day HRM, The Nova Scotia SPCA and The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies as we partner to bring you the second annual Just For Cats Halifax Video Festival.

The festival will take place on CITADEL HILL in the centre of downtown Halifax on August 29, 2015. There will be a giant screen inside the fortress on the parade square.



We no longer have tickets for sale in the online store as it is too close to the date to receive them in the mail but tickets will be available at the door. See you there!

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

3 thoughts on “Just For Cats Halifax Video Festival

  1. Hi There: We really want tickets to the just for cats video festival and are afraid they will sell out. Any idea how early we might need to get there not to be disappointed? Is there anywhere I could pick up a few tickets somewhere beforehand? I can’t believe I forgot to order in time!

    Thanks. Nancy.


    1. We stopped selling tickets online as we were worried folks may not get them in time. There should be lots of tickets available at the door. You can also pick up tickets at the following locations:
      *SPCA Provincial Animal Shelter
      *PetValu Clayton Park
      *PetValu Spring Garden Road
      *PetValu Larry Uteck
      *Pet Focus Clinic Bedford
      *Lady Hammond Animal Hospital
      *Atlantic Cat Hospital


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