Tuxedo Stan’s 2018 Tree of Hope

Tuxedo Stan was only with us for 3 1/2 years, however his dream of a world where cats are treated with respect and compassion lives on.

Every holiday season we decorate our tree with cat ornaments in memory of beloved pets so that everyone can share in his dream. This will be our 6th Tree of Hope since we began the tradition in 2013.

Tuxedo Stan’s 2017 Tree of Hope with over 150 ornaments!
Angel Stan sits proudly atop the Tree of Hope

All proceeds from Tuxedo Stan’s 2017 Tree of Hope will be used to address cat over-population in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

If you would like to hang an ornament on the tree CLICK HERE.

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating the blog daily until December 25, 2018.

Click on any thumbnail to see a full sized image

Pip McInnis
Sullivan Kachurek
Flopsy Kachurek
Grappa LeLoup
Bob MacArthur
Sarc (Small And Ridiculous Creature) MacArthur
Dip MacArthur
Annie MacArthur
Rosie Hartley
Tuxedo Stan Chisholm
JJ Murphy
Enzo Murphy
Sammy Sherrard
Rosie Connell
Molly Connell
Gwen Connell
Arthur Connell
Fresh Freddy Warner
JR Warner
Keller Warner
Norman Warner
Sailor Jacob
Mikey Dean
Cleo Dean
Stan the Parrot
Mr Pepe Lenz
Kechara Lenz
Martin Lenz
Noahthecat Lenz
Luther the Collie Lenz
Sinjun the Collie Lenz
Reesie the Collie Lenz
Jaz Keough
Key Keough
Charly Keough
Selina Passetto
Silk Passetto
Smokey Passetto
Ozzie Passetto
Shasta Passetto
Bix Hollett
Onatha Hollett
Grant Bellefontaine
Samson Bellefontaine
Garth Bellefontaine
Tommy Pratt
Imelda Long-Martin
Ali Long-Martin
Emma Long-Martin
Jules Long-Martin
Mookie Young
Junior Young
Daisy Young
Thunder Young
Puff Daddy Young
Bobbi Balu Young
Adora Tucker-Johnston
Olivia Stroh
Moirah Colford
Finigan Colford
Flannery Colford
Saige Colford
Cassidy Colford
Sarah Colford
Ralph Colford
Seamus Colford
Gatsby Colford
Bear Shepard
In memory a homeless cat. Thank you Cindy Shepard
Riley Brady
Snap Gallagher from Snap-nosis & Friends Rescue
Mama Ladybug Singer
Giles the 2nd Maplewood
Silver Maplewood
Memphis D’Angelo
Orange Sondhi-Green
Wild Cat Sondhi-Green
Spunk Barry
Shnoops Vardy
Pumpkin Hansen
Meeko D’Angelo
Giles Maplewood
Finn Armstrong
Spaaz Barry
Sephie Piggott
Callista Piggott


Tuxedo Stan’s 2018 Tree of Hope after just one day!


Muffin Campbell-Mason
Omelet Ferch
Gunnar Hartlin
TJ Hartlin
Rooster Edgett
Penny Stright
Maggie Chickosky
Beastie Chickosky
Max Chickosky
Mao Chickosky
Malina Chickosky
Button Chickosky
Izzy Chickosky
Polly Chickosky
Samantha Chickosky
Mr. P Chickosky
Lucy Chickosky
Whitey Chickosky
Tiggers Chickosky
Norton Chickosky
Mother Chickosky
Polly Chickosky
Zappa Chickosky
Mr. Lee Chickosky
Mookie Chickosky
Sadie Chickosky
Bonkers Chickosky
Squeaky Chickosky
Katherine Chickosky
Honky Chickosky
Pierre Chickosky
Punkin Chickosky
Schwester Chickosky
Hanni Chickosky
Pancho Chickosky
Fatso Chickosky
Dancer More
Pirracas More
Figo More
Oscar Newell
Wally Devanthey
LK Long
Oliver Durand
Misty Morrison
Bijou Johnson
Juan Wells-Hopey
Fluffy Neal
Toby Godwin
Clyde Godwin
Mollie Beck
Chloe Beck
Moleque Sidman
Hudson MacKenzie
All the ones we try to help. Thank you for this one Cathy MacKenzie.
Lucky Zabolocky
Garfunkel Felix
All Ball Czernicki
Ditto Disbrow Harrison
Killian Knickle
Homeless Kitties Everywhere. Thank you for this one Karen Johnson.
Mr Spock MacKay
“Live long and foster.”
Lucy Bellefontaine
Jake Bellefontaine
Kobe Bellefontaine
Rickey Bellefontaine
Petra’s cat Boris
Arwen Pratt
Alexi Pratt
Merlin Pratt
Kitco Madden
Smokey Pottie
Simba Pottie
Doodle Miller
Benji Miller
Princess Miller
Gray-V Miller
Tuxedo Stan’s Tree of Hope on Dec. 8, 2018. We’re running out of room!
Victoria French
Beckiegirl French
Abby-Gail French

Oscar Sullivan
Winston Hugo Abaya
Emily Osmond
Momma Mouse Sheaves
Mr Biscuit Cote
Cleo McCurdy
Pebbles Sherrard
Chloe Sherrard
Pewter Sherrard
Tiggy Sherrard
Precious Puss Sherrard
Spooky Sherrard
Moussy Sherrard
Tubby Sherrard
Boots Sherrard
Tommy Sherrard
Selene Hitt
Phaedra Hitt
Boo Hitt
Rudy Smith
Lily Smith
Panda Phoenix
Abbie Phoenix
Tilley Phoenix
Luna Phoenix
Lily Jollymore
Tristex Jollymore
Pearl Larousse
Petey Larousse
Grayson Larousse
Louise poses beside Tuxedo Stan’s 2018 Tree of Hope. There are now 196 ornaments on the tree.
Money Christie
Wembley Christie
Coco Bean McDonald
Paz Asuncion
Angel Harris
Flo Jo Cretzmeyer
Arabella Bridges
Bougez Bridges
Roxy Gautsch
Sneaky Wallewein
Toby Clarke
Kyo Mead
Cote Crossman
Clover Allen
Jon (Kyle Bridges)
Sketch (Laken Bridges)
Sugar Imber-Black
Milo Boyce
Parker T Boyce
Munnie Boyce
Finn Boyce
Dec. 20, 2018
Tosh Aylward
Moose Sleep
Friar Tuck Hanson
JJ Hanson
Pudnik MacKenzie

May they all rest in peace.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating the blog daily until December 25, 2018.

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

6 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s 2018 Tree of Hope

  1. Thank you for doing this-great way to help receive funding for other cats, yet inexpensive for participants. I found my Bear and homeless cat.


  2. Just added to the tree for 2 of my cats Beckiegirl and Victoria – miss them always and think of them so much around Xmas time, as they loved to be photographed with their little santa hat. They were always good sports about it.


  3. I remember the 1st Tree of Hope with the mini minions. I still have the ones you placed on the tree that year for us. Unfortunately I have had other kitties ‘placed’ on the tree since then. I think it is wonderful that you not only put up a tree with 5 cats and 2 dogs (we gave up in 2010) but that you fill your tree with the names of pets of strangers. I knew you were special people when you help Tuxedo Stan for Mayor but year by year I learn how extraordinary you actually are. If I lived closer in would totally help make kitties for next year’s tree. Or squeaky bad mice. But not Hats for Cats. I can sew but not sure I can knit/crochet. If you ever wanna expand the Tuxedo Party out west to Alberta I have 5 kitties and 2 humans who would be willing to help!


  4. I lost two sweet babies this year. Lily and Rudy. I just ordered ornaments in their names and really appreciate all the effort Tuxedo Stan does to help out the homeless kitties.
    thank you very much and Merry Christmas!


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