Halifax Catio Tour – 2019 Edition


Halifax Catio Tour 2019 – Keep your cat safe, happy, and healthy.

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The 2019 Halifax Catio Tour is a self guided tour of four catios. The catios are located in Bedford, Halifax, Hubley, and Boutilier’s Point. 

A ‘catio’ is an outdoor enclosure for your cat – a cat patio.  A catio provides safe access for your cat to enjoy the outdoors.  Catios also allow you peace of mind, knowing that your cat is safe from automobiles, predators, disease, parasites, and many other risks. On the Catio Tour you will meet cat loving homeowners, discuss catio features/ideas, and see a variety of inspiring designs.  

  • Each catio on the tour has unique features and was designed for a particular lifestyle/situation.  Start your tour at any location. 
  • Human hosts will be onsite to discuss catio features/construction/cost; feline co-hosts may be available, depending on their mood and napping schedule.     
  • Registration is $10 per person; children must be 12 years of age or older. Addresses and tour information will be sent once registration is completed. In addition to admission to the 4 catios on the tour, the registration fee includes refreshments at each site and the Halifax Catio Tour Guide, which will be emailed prior to the Tour. 
  • Registrants are eligible to play Catio Tour Trivia – receive the trivia game sheet at your first catio stop and submit it at your last stop. Correctly completed trivia sheets will be entered in a draw for a prize basket; the winner will be contacted by phone.  
  • For additional information contact halifaxcatiotour@gmail.com 
  • Raffle tickets, 2020 kitten calendars, and a selection of hand crafted cat toys will be available at each site. All proceeds go to SpayDay HRM to help cats in need. 

Register for the Halifax Catio Tour HERE. 

Catios are trending – people want to keep their cats safe, happy, and healthy. We hope you can join us for this very fun event!  

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

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