Tuxedo Stan’s 2019 Tree of Hope

Tuxedo Stan was only with us for 3 1/2 years, however his dream of a world where cats are treated with respect and compassion lives on.

Every holiday season we decorate our tree with cat ornaments in memory of beloved pets so that everyone can share in his dream. This will be our 7th Tree of Hope since we began the tradition in 2013.

Louise poses beside Tuxedo Stan’s 2018 Tree of Hope.

All proceeds from Tuxedo Stan’s 2019 Tree of Hope will be used to address cat over-population in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating this blog regularly until December 25, 2019.

Ornaments will be available for purchase in January 2020.

Click on any thumbnail to see a full sized image

Tuxedo Stan Chisholm
Poncho Chickosky
Zappa Chickosky
Hanni Chickosky
Lizard Chickosky
Schwester Chickosky
Biscuit Chickosky
Beastie Chickosky
Max Chickosky
Lucy Chickosky
Honky Chickosky
Malina Chickosky
Muffin Chickosky
Izzy Chickosky
Squeaky Chickosky
Mr P Chickosky
Maggie Chickosky
Punkin Chickosky
Mookie Chickosky
Bonkers Chickosky
Tiggers Chickosky
Mother Chickosky
Fatso Chickosky
Sunny Chickosky
Polly Chickosky
Polly Chickosky
Pierre Chickosky
Sadie Chickosky
Deuce Jones
Mr Steed Jones
Norman Warner
Fresh Freddy Warner
Freddie Warner
J.R. Warner
Sugar Imber-Black
Snuggles Imber-Black
LK Long
Siggie Passetto
Myra Passetto
Shady Passetto
Spooky Passetto
Bean Passetto
Sydney Passetto
Silk Passetto
Snickers Passetto
Selena Passetto
Shasta Passetto
Ozzie Passetto
Socks Passetto
All the pets lost in natural disasters (e.g. California fires) – Sandra Passetto
Sunny Passetto
Smokey Passetto
Fluffy Greene
Sal-Bob Tharp
Dexter Tharp
Buffy Tharp
Susie Tharp
Ginger Tharp
Ittle Westerman
Sweetie Czernicki
Mr Fred Gaston
Emerson Morrison
Timber Morrison
Toby Morrison
Periwinkle Morrison
Mau Chickosky
Catherine Chickosky
Alphonse Chickosky
Potato Chickosky
Crispy Chickosky
Ali Long-Marin
Jules Long-Marin
Emma Long-Marin
Imelda Long-Marin
Oliver (Ollie) Durand
Soli Bachus
Jassi Bachus
Pancho Zabolocky
Tuxedo Toby Stanton
Bailey Cook
Kitty Cook
Sophie Cook
Doc Cook
Rudy Intlekofer
Leonard Landry
Winnie of Catopia – thanks Marlene Shpak-James
Bootsie of Whisker Rescue – Marlene Shpak-James
Pebbles Sherrard & her lover boy Fijy
Spooky Sherrard
Mussy Sherrard
Winnie Chisholm
Fletcher Chisholm
Toby Chen
Taz Chen
Pudnik MacKenzie
Humphrey MacKenzie
Winnie of Catopia – thank you Trudy Yamashita
Tuxedo Stan – thank you Trudy Yamashita
Precious Puss Sherrard
Boots Sherrard
Silver Maplewood
Orange Sondhi-Green
Memphis D’Angelo
Finn Armstrong
Shnoops Vardy
Pumpkin Hansen
Meeko D’Angelo
Spunk Barry
Spaaz Barry
Winchester & Jack Gaudet – two wee kittens gone far too soon
Skittles Wile
Reno MacKenzie
Doris Murphy
Fletcher Chisholm – thank you Cindy Murphy
Mittens Godwin
Clyde Godwin
Smokey Godwin
RT Godwin
Fluffy Godwin
Toby Godwin
No Name Kenig
Charlie Ross
Beckie French
Victoria French
Coco Kinnaird
Bucky Johnson
Earl Johnson
Sandy Johnson
Tabitha Johnson
George Curran
BOO! Wyght
Lil Bub – thank you Elena Wren
Misha Wren
Stray Wren
Patches Wren
Fluffy Wren
Alosha Wren
Sephie Piggott
Callista Piggott
Gabe Stroh
Jasper Stroh
Bentley Stroh
Grace Stroh
Rose Miller
Henry Miller
Theo Miller
Captain Miller
Terrence Sansom
Muffy Sansom
Timmy Sansom
Finigan Saunders
Sarah Saunders
Cassidy Saunders
Moirah Saunders
Flannery Saunders
Ralph Saunders
Gatsby Saunders
Saige Saunders
Seamus Saunders
Petey Robinson
Bill Robinson
Pearl Robinson
Ninj Angles

A donation was also made in the name of Elizabeth Porter.

Alonzo Leno
Mobieus Leno
Little Guy Leno
Quindy Lori Power
Rusty Power
Moully Rose
Mitty More
Edwina More
Franny More
Elmer More
Adolph More
Judy More
Skipper More
Penny Floren
Kona Crossman
Cerro Kitty Crossman
Ziggy Crossman
Rachel Albino
Oscar MacDonald
Nathan Haley
Phoebe Haley
Casey Hayden
Molly Hayden
Mousie Hayden
Cookie Hayden
Earl Grey stands guard over Tuxedo Stan’s 2019 Tree of Hope

May they all rest in peace.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating the blog regularly until December 25, 2019.

Thank you and we wish you a safe and peaceful holiday season.

Ornaments will be available for purchase in January 2020.

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s 2019 Tree of Hope

  1. I only had my Oliver for 4 1/2 years …love and miss him so much. This is a great way to honor his memory and to let everyone know that his life mattered. I still have his sister Amber who just turned 11 in November…she is my baby girl and is spoiled rotten! lol! Thank you for letting my Oliver join Stan on his beautiful tree. Merry Christmas! ♥


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