Tuxedo Stan’s 2022 Tree of Hope

Tuxedo Stan was only with us for 3 1/2 years, however his dream of a world where cats are treated with respect and compassion lives on.

Every holiday season we decorate our tree with cat ornaments in memory of beloved pets so that everyone can share in his dream. This will be our 10th Tree of Hope since we began the tradition in 2013.

All proceeds from Tuxedo Stan’s 2022 Tree of Hope will be used to help needy cats in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia.

Check back regularly to view the ornaments. We will be updating this blog regularly until December 25, 2022.

To hang an ornament on the tree go to the

Tuxedo Party Etsy Store

and follow the instructions.

NOTE: Ornaments will be available for purchase in January 2022.

click on any photo to see a full sized image

Gatto LeLoup
Thank you Inez Waddell!
Liam guarding the tree against any shenanigans (that’s you, TJ).

Please keep checking back periodically as we will be adding new ornaments regularly until December 25, 2022.

Thank you and we wish you a safe

and peaceful holiday season.

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