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Oct 15, 2012 10 Comments ›› Hugh

Hi, I just wanted to give you another update on the people who have signed my pledge to help my brothers and sisters after the election. Please keep these people in mind as you cast your vote.

Love, Tuxedo Stan

To read the pledge click here

The following individuals have submitted signed pledges. We will continue to accept signed pledges from candidates in the HRM election until election day.

Steve Adams

Sam Austin

Jackie Barkhouse

Ken Bowman

Fred Connors

Laurie Cook

Darren Fisher

Will Gilligan

Peter Grabosky

Jim Hoskins

Bryn Jones-Vaillancourt

Janet MacDonald

Richard MacLean

Tom Martin

Waye Mason

Gloria McCluskey

Robert Wesley McCormack

Linda Mosher

Loreli Nicoll

Doug Poulton

Jerry Pye

Reg Rankin

Laurie Sauers

Mike Savage

Dawn Marie Sloane

Bruce E Smith

Barry Smith

John Thibeau

Russell Walker

Kate Watson

Jennifer Watts

Matt Whitman

John Wimberly

Bill Zebedee

1 Anonymous council candidate (name withheld by request)

For a complete list of candidates click here.

For a list of Districts with maps click here.


  1. Jill Holland says:

    Where is Tim Outhit?
    Yes there are homeless and feral cats in Bedford. And we are citizens of not just a community but a city, a province and a country in the midst of an inhumane and tragic explosion of stray cats. We need to be part of a solution.
    Thank you.

  2. Joan MacLeod says:

    Not one would be councillor from District 15, had any idea, of the needs in this area for stray and lost animals? Pity they are so out of touch. I did ask one gentleman, and his reply was – that once a situation gets out of control , it’s not possible to manage it. So His double talk ended up as a no. We’re all animals, we all deserve the same compassion and help! Stop turning a blind eye, it won’t help anything. Stop with the studies and start a planof action. ASAP!!!

  3. jay says:

    really whats the point of signing it and being annonamos

  4. jay says:

    I fully support you Stan.As a human,I’m doing my part in trying to get the word out about homeless,feral,injured,starving cats.I cry when I see any strays,or homeless cats,that could ,at one time ,have been someone’s pet.I wish that your message/ campaign was received here in Vancouver:there is a LARGE community of feral,homeless cats here.(esp.in STANLEY PARK ,a favorite “dumping ground” for unwanted,no longer cute cats).Mya,and NEEKAH( my 2 feline home friends) are all in favour and support u 200%!.

  5. PB says:

    I think it’s time for a mayor with a defined mandate so I vote for Stan.

  6. S Saunders says:

    So will the “Anonymous council candidate” be made public after the election results are in ?

  7. kelly says:

    it will be interesting 2 c if they are going to do something or if the winner of the election will do as others have int he past… provide lip service to get the votes!

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