A New Era Begins

Today is the beginning of a new era. I can feel it in my bones.

Although I didn’t win the job as mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality a lot of my supporters did. I would like to congratulate all of them on their success.

Mayor Mike Savage was the first mayoralty candidate to endorse my campaign when he showed up at my nomination event.

Eleven of the 16 elected councillors signed my pledge. That’s almost 70% of council!

Together we are going to help improve the lives of less fortunate cats in HRM…

Because neglect isn’t working.

Now I better get some shuteye. There’s a lot of work ahead.

Here’s a list of the elected councillors who signed my pledge:

District 4 – Loreli Nicoll

District 5 – Gloria McCluskey

District 6 – Darren Fisher

District 7 – Waye Mason

District 8 – Jennifer Watts

District 9 – Linda Mosher

District 10 – Russell Walker

District 11 – Steve Adams

District 12 – Reg Rankin

District 13 – Matt Whitman

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

10 thoughts on “A New Era Begins

  1. You should send each elected official that signed Stans pledge, including the Mayor, one of the Mini Stan’s to keep on their desks, to remind them about the pledge they took. All of us that asked our counsellors and Mike to support Stan are very serious about what Stan stands for and we will be watching that they keep their word. This has been a cute and fun campaign but also a very serious one. They need to remember this “because neglect isn’t working”!


  2. That’s a great idea,Sandi. And we should all hold our own councillor accountable, to make sure a spay/neuter program is put in place asap. Stan can’t do all the work himself.


  3. I agree with Sandi. You have a great graphic. You should send them each a framed professionally set-up copy of the pledge with Tuxedo Stan’s graphic and pawprint (with some sort of acknowledgement that they signed) and see who actually puts it on their “me” wall with their diplomas, etc. That will also put the pledge before the eyes of their visitors.


  4. I’m with Sandi and Susan – Give them reminders and then keep them honest.
    From a Feral Feline Friend in Washington state, I wish you all the best with the task you have set for yourself.


  5. Congrats to all the Stan supporters who were elected and hope they get to work on the spay/neuter program. Chance, the psycho MAnitoba cat wishes Stan well and hope the program takes off.


  6. Purrs and Head Bonks Stan from a West Coast tuxedo fan. Great job. I like the idea of sending them your Mini Stan’s and framed pledges.. like Sandi and Susan suggest.


  7. Congratulations, Stan! You accomplished what you wanted. Keep pressure on the councillors to remember and to implement their pledge! Stan, forever!!


  8. Congratulations on a well run campaign! I also agree with Sandi & Susan; a tastefully done (in accordance with Stan’s demeanor!) reminder of their pledge, and the real need for their continued devotion to the cause, would be a fantastic idea. From one NS Tuxedo (Proudly neutered male rescue!) to another, You go, Stan!!


  9. Stan, you are STILL ‘the man’ !!! Please do NOT ‘let up’ on the new mayor and council, to insure they actually DO what they agreed to do–the felines of HRM deserve for them to honor their word!!! You ran a
    ‘pawsome’, clean campaign, and most ‘Stan fans’ will probably want to continue to ‘follow you’…you are one fascinating feline!!!


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