Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Alberta, Canada

Today’s photos come from one of Canada’s most picturesque provinces – Alberta.

Diana Piggott from Calgary Alberta writes:

Tuxedo Albert’s Excellent Adventures, Part 1:

Albert arrived in Alberta!  He came to his new home in Calgary last week, and soon settled in. 

Tuxedo Albert in Alberta!


At first, Tuxedo Socrates mistook him for a mouse (toy), and pounced!  I had to remove Albert to a safe location, from which he observes the goings on.  Later I re-introduced them while Socrates was sleepy, and they looked like best buddies!

Introducing sleepy Tuxedo Socrates to bright-eyed Tuxedo Albert


Tuxedo Albert is spending his first few days here relaxing and sight-seeing before getting down to work.  We felt he deserved that much.  While his cousins may be going to the beach in sunnier climes, Albert is happy to make the most of our glorious Canadian winter.  To this end, last Thursday I strapped him into the car and took him to Kananaskis Country.

Bundled up, strapped in and ready for adventure!


Sadly the weather was rather ugly, so I promised to take him to the mountains on a prettier day.  We went to Ribbon Creek, and skied a very pleasant loop.  Albert seemed to enjoy the snow, and pretty frost feathers!


Entering Kananaskis Country (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


Ribbon Creek (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


Ribbon Creek cross country ski trail (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


Then on Saturday we took him into Banff Park.  The weather in Calgary was ugly, but Banff was much nicer.


Mount Rundle, approaching Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


Banff National Park Gates (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


This time we went skiing up the Cascade Fire Road, a very popular trail near Banff.


Tuxedo Albert watches Cascade Mtn (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


Cascade River, Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott


I think Albert might be wanting his own pair of skis (or a sled?) for Christmas!


Skiing in the Canadian Rockies (Alberta, Canada) by Diana Piggott



We took Albert back to Kananaskis Country on Saturday, for the promised prettier day, and it was pretty and cold!  Sorry to stick his bum in the snow, but at -15 C I needed the woolly hat on my head!  Picture taken near Ribbon Creek, cross-country skiing, on yet another bridge (they do seem photogenic).  Albert quickly recovered from the cold!

Mount Kidd from EvanThomas Creek bridge


Then we got Christmas wreaths from a farm in Nova Scotia ( a fund-raiser for our choir), and thought Albert might feel more at home in the middle!

Tuxedo Albert getting into the season!


Thank you Diana and Tuxedo Socrates for your hospitality (and great photos)!


Tuxedo Stan

P.S. – You can see all of my World Tour photos in the GALLERY.

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