Cat Vet Returns To Practice

TS and me 2013-03-17 at 17-13-55

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am excited to inform my HRM followers that my dad (Dr Hugh Chisholm) is returning to feline practice in Halifax! He will be seeing patients on Fridays and Saturdays at the new PetFocus Veterinary Hospital – Bedford South
445-VETS (8387) – call now to make appointments

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

4 thoughts on “Cat Vet Returns To Practice

  1. Hugh,

    I have only just become aware of your endeavour to end declawing in Nova Scotia. I am so sad to hear that the motion was defeated. Please don’t give up the fight. The Paw Project, now on Netflix is definitely bringing this issue to the forefront and reaching wider audiences. Hopefully it will help deter so called cat lovers from amputating their cats paws!!

    Kind Regards,

    Amanda White


    1. Thanks, Amanda. I have recently been appointed to the position of Atlantic Canada’s Director for The Paw Project so I have no plans to give up the fight to end declawing. Thank you for your support! 🙂


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