Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Springtime in Vancouver

This week I got some GREAT pictures from my friend Paulette Heppner in British Columbia (BC).

That’s on the west coast of Canada – we also call it the left hand coast.

If I didn’t live in Catopia, BC would be high on my list of alternatives… except I hear it’s a long walk from Nova Scotia. (About 6000 km / 3700 miles)

Fasten your seat belt while we take a whirlwind tour of Vancouver in the spring!

Click on any thumbnail for a larger version of the photo.

I’ll let Paulette be your tour guide:

Cheer up, Stan fans, spring has spring on the wet coast and it’s coming your way soon!

Trade and Convention Centre, and the only raindrop in sight is the raindrop sculpture in the background.

Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre
Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre


 Minion Mike verifies that the world really does revolve around cats.


White sails of the cruise ship centre.

Vancouver Cruise Ship Centre
Vancouver Cruise Ship Centre


Minion Mike has no fear of bears.


Olympic Cauldron, also known locally as four doobies and a fattie.

Vancouver Olympic Cauldron
Vancouver Olympic Cauldron


Vancouver harbour. Cranes are for loading ships.

Vancouver Harbour
Vancouver Harbour


Green roof of the new convention centre.

Vancouver Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre


Coal harbour marina and residences.

Coal Harbour, Vancouver
Coal Harbour Marina, Vancouver


Minion Mike visits Jimmy Pattison’s yacht. He briefly considers buying one himself, then remembers he doesn’t like water.

Billionaire Jimmy Pattison's yacht
Billionaire Jimmy Pattison’s yacht


Minion Mike thinks this 1962 Jag might be more his style. After all, a Jaguar is a cat.

Two cats - a minion and a jaguar
Two cool cats – a minion and a jaguar


Minion Mike briefly considers career in architecture as he visits the classic art deco Marine Building.

Marine Building, Vancouver
Marine Building, Vancouver


What could be better to lift the spirits? Spring flowers and cherry blossoms.

Spring in Vancouver
Spring in Vancouver


Mosaic inlays in Gastown sidewalks.

Sidewalk art, Gastown, Vancouver
Sidewalk art, Gastown, Vancouver


Gastown steam clock. Time for lunch.

Steam clock, Gastown, Vancouver
Steam clock, Gastown, Vancouver


Cherry blossom time.

Cherry blossoms, Vancouver
Cherry blossoms, Vancouver


Burrard Street Bridge, Yaletown and Granville Island.

Burrard Street Bridge, Yaletown and Granville Island, Vancouver
Burrard Street Bridge, Yaletown and Granville Island, Vancouver


Minion Mike consults with an Important Spring Visitor regarding delivery methods.



What an incredible tour! I’m exhausted.

Thanks, Paulette, for sending me these wonderful photos.


Tuxedo Stan

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2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Springtime in Vancouver

  1. Wow! What beautiful pictures!! Do you really have cherry blossoms already? I saw one very tiny crocus in flower the other day here, before it started snowing again 😛
    Thank you for that wonderful tour 🙂


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