Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Palm Springs, California

You may remember Melanie from her skiing photo in Prince George, BC.



Little Melanie is currently enjoying a golfing vacation in Palm Springs, California. She was busy on the course today.



She reluctantly had to get prickles in her rear while trying to see where her tee off went. The things you have to do to play this game!



Melanie is very considerate – she rakes the sand traps after she is done. Fortunately she is a skilled golfer so she rarely hits into the sand.

Sand trap
Sand trap


Melanie was really worried about teeing off on # 18. It is very difficult with lots of water. She consults with her caddy to decide the best approach.

Golfing buddy
Golfing buddy


Today was a busy day and very hot. Melanie was glad to come home and have a cool beverage and relax.

Home is within sight!
Home is within sight!


That’ s all for now. Melanie is a little sad that her trip to PS is winding down. Back to snowy Prince George very soon. 😦

Oh well, there’s always next year!

Thanks, Melanie, for the lovely golf pics!


Tuxedo Stan

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