Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Alberta Update

My good friend Diana from Calgary has sent me another batch of photos from Alberta. I LOVE getting pictures of the mountains!!!

I’ll let Diana fill you in: (click on any thumbnail to see a full-sized image)

When I ordered another minion, I had fully intended it to be gift for a friend, but when Tony arrived I made the mistake of introducing him to Albert, and now the two seem inseparable! 

Albert and Tony in Tuxedo shrine
Albert and Tony in Tuxedo shrine


At first they just hung out around the house, and were eventually invited into the plush violin case where Socrates likes to snooze while strange noises are produced by scraping “cat gut” across horse hair.  (Note: no cats were harmed!!  Usually sheep intestines are used…….)

Welcome to my violin case!
Welcome to my violin case!


After a while, Albert decided it was time to take Tony to the mountains, and I couldn’t agree more!

Approaching village of Lake Louise on lovely spring day!
Approaching village of Lake Louise on lovely spring day!


One fine day we went to Lake Louise and took the two minions skiing.

We are ready!  How do you steer these things??
We are ready! How do you steer these things??


They were quite impressed, especially with how big everything seemed. 

On Lake Louise
On Lake Louise


They also attracted some attention from passing tourists, and so we explained about Stan’s mission to help homeless cats everywhere.

Chateau Lake Louise
Chateau Lake Louise


Another lovely day we went to Kananaskis Country and drove up the spectacular Smith-Dorrien “highway”, a very rough road which passes through some magnificent mountains.

Approaching Kananaskis Lakes
Approaching Kananaskis Lakes


On a weekday, I took the two minions skiing at the Kananaskis Lakes.  The warm sun had softened the snow rather too much, but still it was pleasant. 

High above Kananakis Lak
High above Kananakis Lake


Apparently minions love adventures!

Spectacular day in Smith-Dorrien
Spectacular day in Smith-Dorrien


We had a brief taste of “spring”, with one crocus popping up in bloom.  Nothing like Vancouver, but the first flower of spring is particularly exciting here! 

"Holy flowering crocus, Albert!  What is it?"  "Rabbit food ;-:  "
“Holy flowering crocus, Albert! What is it?” “Rabbit food ;-: “


We don’t really have a spring in Calgary: there is this long period of alternating snowstorms and warm, sunny weather, and then suddenly it seems to be summer.  We had freezing rain the last few days, and now it is cold and snowy again. I do like snow, as long as I don’t have to drive on very slippery roads. Also, with indoor cats, the garden is plagued with “wildlife”.  If the squirrels don’t dig it up, the rabbits will nibble off the tender shoots. Also it is quite common for the early bulbs to bloom and then be covered with snow.

Diana (with fuzzies and minions!)

Thank you Diana, Albert and Tony. I look forward to more photos from the mountains when the alpine meadows bloom. I can’t wait!!!


Tuxedo Stan

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