Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Houston

Minion Tuxedo Alexandra was dispatched to Houston, Texas under the care of Rikki Raflo.

Rikki has sent some lovely photos of Alexandra’s adventure at the Friends For Life Shelter.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image.

I’ll let Rikki give you the guided tour:

The Dream Team welcomes Minion Alexandra to Friends for Life No-Kill shelter in Houston.  This is Angie, and Amy our animal care specialists, And Erin, the staff vet tech.

Happy shelter workers
Happy shelter workers


The shelter is free roam for the cats.  Alexandra is looking for Snickers who is hiding in one of the cat cubby boxes.



There is a special room for Leukemia positive cats.  Here Oliver and Cheezit are vying for her affection.

Oliver and Cheezit
Oliver and Cheezit


Romeo was returned to a kill shelter with his brother at 13 hers old as he was diabetic.  He was saved and lives a nice life in the senior room.



Just her size…motherless kittens who have been bottle fed since six days old.



At the Sustainable Living Fair, she is kissed by Mr. T. Even dogs love her!

Oh no, dog drool!
Oh no, dog drool!


What a sales cat!  She helped raise money for homeless cats.

Fund raising
Fund raising


Thank you Rikki Raflo and Tuxedo Alexandra for a guided tour through an awesome shelter! I’m so proud of the good work you do for my Texas cousins.

For more information about this shelter check out their website.


Tuxedo Stan

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One thought on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Houston

  1. I love to see people doing such great work to help animals! The pictures and stories are so touching. Thanks for all that you do – and thanks to Tuxedo Alexandra for showcasing this awesome shelter and the beautiful people involved with it!


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