Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – University of California

My friend Kathie Dreher recently took Minion “Aggie” to a very important event at the University of California Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. She sent me a whole bunch of pictures of Aggie’s adventure.

I will let Kathie fill you in on the details below.

(Click on any of the thumbnails to see a full-sized image.)

Minion ‘Aggie’ was a social butterfly at the Heritage Society Luncheon at UCD VMTH yesterday, having her photo taken everywhere and with the best and brightest in veterinary medicine! Minion ‘Aggie’ is at the Reception podium ready to address the crowd of between 160-170 people.

Minion Aggie Ready to Speak!
Minion Aggie Ready to Speak!


Minion ‘Aggie’ poses with Dr. Michael Lairmore, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. (Dean Lairmore has 2 rescue cats.)

Dean Michael Lairmore
Dean Michael Lairmore


My partner, Claudia Dechow, is holding Minion ‘Aggie’ and we are flanking Frank Teplin, Director of Development at VMTH.

Kathie Dreher, Frank Teplin and Claudia Dechow with Minion Aggie
Kathie Dreher, Frank Teplin and Claudia Dechow with Minion Aggie


The Development office had a surprise for me and put Stan’s picture up on the huge screen during lunch. This was shown to all the attendees ( @160-170 people) until the talks started!

Tuxedo StanDuring Lunch
Wall Sized Tuxedo Stan


Minion ‘Aggie’ with Dr. Michael Kent, Associate Director, Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH),  Associate Professor, Dept for Veterinary Surgical and Radiological Services,, Co-Director of the Comparative Cancer Center at the CCAH.

Dr Michael Kent
Dr Michael Kent


Minion ‘Aggie’ at our Luncheon Table-eyeing dessert!!



Minion ‘Aggie’ here is getting a personal view of Stan’s just installed Brick. [Thanks to Kathie for purchasing this in Tuxedo Stan’s honour]

Tuxedo Stan Brick
Tuxedo Stan Brick


Minion ’Aggie’ and Dr. Niels Pedersen. [Blogmaster’s note – Dr Pedersen is a world-reknowned and respected veterinarian. He is responsible for innumerable discoveries and advances in veterinary medicine including the discovery of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.]

Dr Neils Pedersen
Dr Neils Pedersen
Dr Neils Pedersen
Dr Neils Pedersen


Minion ‘Aggie’ visiting the plaque of my Angus Eliot-my cat of a lifetime…..

Angus Eliot
Angus Eliot


Kathie Dreher:

Minion 'Aggie'and Tuxedo Stan-Bigger than Life


Thank you Kathie Dreher and Minion Aggie for a wonderful day at UC Davis! I hope to make it to California some day to walk across my very own brick.


Tuxedo Stan

You can see LOTS more pictures from around the world in my Photo Gallery. Check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – University of California

  1. That is incredible!
    Now the bar has been set sky high at least 😛
    (Okay, I’m just a teensy bit jealous!)


  2. I loved this blog! It is great to see the mission of Stan (and his minion) being embraced by these amazing professionals.

    Kathie Dreher – I love your spirit, thanks for sharing all of these pictures. I was touched by your purchase of Stan’s brick and by your plaque/tribute to Angus Eliot.

    There is no doubt that Stan and his humans have touched many people, and continue to do so. Keep up the amazing work.


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