Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – More From Alberta

My friend Diana Piggott from Calgary, Alberta took minions Albert and Tony on another spring adventure in the Rocky Mountains.

Minions at the Great Divide
Minions at the Great Divide


These guys are sure having a lot of fun! Check it out:

(click on the thumbnails to see a full-sized photo)

Diana: I saw my first pussy-willows of the year!  Could be a sign that I don’t get out enough.  They were in the Kicking Horse Pass, where it still looks like winter.  I took the minions skiing again, and they were thrilled to see bushes covered with tiny kittens. 

Minions check out the pussy willows
Minions check out the pussy willows


They climbed up for a closer look, but then found they needed to be rescued.

Can we call the fire department please?
Can we call the fire department please?


Pretty please?
Pretty please?


Back in Calgary, out on a local hillside we saw the first native flowers of spring!  They are called prairie crocus, although they are not actually croci but a kind of anemone.

Spring flowers!!  Prairie crocus
Spring flowers!! Prairie crocus


In case you were wondering, Victoria has indeed arrived safely.  I haven’t told Albert yet, I seem to be waiting for the right time.  Also, Albert is a bit scruffy after all his backcountry adventures, so I need to spruce him up appropriately!  I wish I were as well organised and creative as Kathy, but sadly I am not.

Adventures to be continued!

Best wishes,

I love getting email from Calgary – there’s always something exciting inside!

Thank you Diana, Albert and Tony.


Tuxedo Stan

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