Earl Grey’s Campaign Platform

The Tuxedo Party of Canada Election Platform
Nova Scotia 2013


The Tuxedo Party was formed in 2012 by a group of friends seeking solutions for the over-population of cats in the Halifax Regional Municipality.  They were creative, and had Tuxedo Stan (a cat) run for mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).  While not officially on the ballot, it was a clever campaign to raise awareness of the plight of cats in HRM, and the dire need for a low cost spay-neuter program (as other cities have).  The success of the campaign surprised even the organizers – it reached news media/people around the world.  It also spawned a line of Stan merchandise the proceeds of which support Stan’s favorite charity Spay Day HRM – a registered charity that helps people on low income spay and neuter their cats.
Tuxedo Stan’s campaign was successful. In April 2013, HRM Council unanimously approved a grant of $40,000 to the SPCA to construct a low-cost spay/neuter clinic.  A low-cost clinic is the first important step in addressing the cat over-population.
Tuxedo Stan next set his sights on the provincial political scene, however he succumbed to cancer one day after the official announcement of the provincial election.  The fight for the rights of cats will continue; Stan’s brother Earl Grey has taken over the reins of the Tuxedo Party and will run for Premier of Nova Scotia.  He plans to continue to lobby for affordable spay/neuter programs province wide, to ensure cat issues are included in the revised Animal Protection Act, and to fight for fairness for cats.

Platform 2013

– The Act

On April 22, 2013 the province announced plans to update and strengthen the Animal Protection Act, with the amending statute The Protection of Animal Welfare and Security Act (PAWS).  In the revised Act, penalties for animal abusers will be increased:  there will be standards for shelters/tethers/restraints, standards regarding the sale of dogs, and standards regarding the transportation/care of dogs.  The statute also expanded the definition of animal distress.

While we support increased protection for ALL animals, there was a clear oversight in that issues related to cats are not included.

Our point: Revise/update the Animal Protection Act to include issues specific to cats. There are several areas in which this could be done.


The proposed changes include provisions whereby it is illegal to sell a dog whose health has not been certified by a veterinarian. This is intended to address the issue of puppy mills, and to confirm that sellers ensure the health and well-being of their dogs.

Our point: There are also kitten mills, in which breeding cats are kept in poor conditions, and sick kittens are sold.  These animals need protection also.


In the Act it is not illegal to abandon a cat – this is a huge issue in our province.  These cats are usually unspayed/unneutered, and (through no fault of their own) contribute to the overpopulation.  They also suffer through starvation, dehydration, disease, parasites, predation, and trauma.

Our point: It must be made illegal to abandon companion animals, including cats, in the province of Nova Scotia. This clause should be added to Section 22 of the Act: Duties of owners of animals other than farm animals.  It is a myth that cats are “fine” on their own, in reality they live in miserable conditions and suffer greatly. Cats are not disposable!


The care of abandoned farm animals is covered by the Act, however there is nothing to ensure that abandoned companion animals (cats, etc) receive the help/care that they need.

Our point: In addition to identifying abandonment of companion animals as an offense, we must also ensure there are measures (legal and financial) to assist them eg. grants to the SPCA or other rescue organizations.


The word ‘cat’ appears nowhere in the Act.

Our point: Identify cats specifically in the Act; other species are identified. Cats are (after all) the most popular companion animal in North America.  This would also demonstrate they have importance and value, and that their issues are unique.

– Spay/Neuter

The cat over-population crisis is province wide. Affordable spay/neuter programs are the most effective way of controlling cat populations, reducing the spread of disease, and preventing suffering.

Our point:  Provincial assistance is needed for affordable spay/neuter program in other communities.  In this way, the government models responsible behavior and leads by example. There are various models that could be successful, including mobile spay/neuter clinics.

– Cruelty Investigation and Prosecution

In order to uphold the Animal Protection Act, resources (financial and human) must be increased to support cruelty investigations and judicial proceedings.  Currently the SPCA does not have regular funding, and there is no prosecutor who specializes in animal welfare.

Our point: Provide increased/ongoing funding to the SPCA for cruelty investigations, it is more economical than investigations through the Department of Agriculture.  The SPCA also regularly deals with issues of domestic pets and works with pet owners to achieve long term solutions.  Additionally, a Crown Prosecutor who specializes in animal cruelty should be hired/appointed.  This would allow the prosecutor to develop focus and expertise.  There is a precedent for this – it was done several years ago for sexual assault cases.


Earl Grey for Premier of Nova Scotia

Because neglect still isn’t working!

Coming for you

Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

22 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Campaign Platform

    1. Earl Grey election signs are now available at PetValu in Clayton Park, Halifax. We are working on distributing signs to rescue groups and shelters across the province. Check with your local group/shelter if you would like to buy a sign – they are just $10.00.
      Nova Scotia rescue groups interested in selling signs to help raise funds for your organization, please email us at tuxedoparty@gmail.com for details.
      Sadly, shipping costs make it prohibitively expensive to ship signs out of province. We will have an 11″ x 14″ election poster on stiff paper available for mailing to fans who live outside of Nova Scotia.
      We should have posters, minions, buttons and other goodies available online at http://www.tuxedostan.com/store very soon!


  1. Go Earl! Great platform, especially like the addition of cruelty investigation and prosecution. Sending good wishes from the West Coast.


  2. Great platform! You get my vote!

    My daughter and I are involved with rescueing cats in the Annapolis Valley. I have been in touch with the Minister of Agriculture about these issues.

    Hope you have another event like the campaign launch.

    Anna Anderson


  3. Very exact platform. We will settle for nothing less. The fight must continue on. Perhaps we should be questioning candidates when they come to the door. How about a signed pledge if elected. Let’s poll the candidates and let the public know where each of them stand on this.


  4. I am glad that you state all companion animals. Although cats have the biggest problem with abandonment, we have seen rabbits especially, but also rats (poor babies!), birds (!) and reptiles just let go in the wild when they are no longer wanted. GO Earl!! Wish I could vote for you!!!!!


  5. We particularly appreciate the cruelty investigation and prosecution aspect of the campaign. It is because of lack of resources for follow-up of such cases that heinous acts of animal abuse continue unabated.
    Thank you Earl and Stan (in spirit) and and a very big thank you to Kathy and Hugh Chisholm and their friends assisting in this most worthy campaign.
    KC from Anchorage, AK
    (Current home of minion Walter Don – rechristened Earl Stanley Catness 🙂 in honour of the Tuxedo Party candidates).


  6. Earl,
    Does Nova Scotia have a well-developed Trap-Neuter-Release program for ferals? This kind of program has proved invaluable to reducing/stabilising the feral cat population in many areas.

    Your platform is pointed and well thought out; we’re with you all the way!!!!


    1. Unfortunately, we don’t although there are many rescue groups that do the best they can with very limited resources. There is a dedicated team of volunteer veterinarians and technicians who hold MASH-like TNR days periodically to help the groups as best we can.


  7. I agree all animals rich or poor should have the chance to be spayed or nuetered at a low cost. It is best for their health and reduces procreation of many unwanted kittens.

    Please help Earl Gray get this done as soon as possible.


  8. Dear Earl: I have always been most impressed with the forward looking direction of the segment of Canadian politics which you represent. Though I can’t vote for you, you have my moral support and encouragement! I’m sure your brother Stan would be very proud of you as you fight to improve the lives of cats and kittens in your province. Love, PK


  9. Earl Grey is just too cute! He should come up and run for Premier of NB. I’m sure he will get a lot of support. I’d campaign for him, Pebbles could be my assistant. (She’d draw attention in her pink pet stroller for sure!) The “I’m coming for you” poster is precious. I’m sure people will be looking for some for their walls. I have one of Tuxedo Stan’s posters that Joe bought up. Will treasure it always.


  10. I am VERY impressed by all of the clear thinking and evident energy that continues to propel this campaign, and by your successes so far. Tuxedo Stan, Earl Grey, and the Chisolms have done many wonderful things to work for just, compassionate, and specific resources and laws to help protect cats and to reduce the feral population. Thanks to all of you! I wish the same kinds of campaigns were being run in the States (I’m in Chicago, though a Canadian citizen). (Instead, we get a government that would rather wage wars and diminish just, compassionate, and specific resources for humans and other animals.) They could learn a lot from you and Stan, Earl Grey (Chisolm)! Keep going! Best of luck!


    1. Thanks for your kind words. The Tuxedo Party is more than myself and Kathy. There are 4 other key players -Linda Felix, Cindy Murphy, Cathy Atkinson-Morash and Joe Popovitch. These folks deserve as much credit (or blame) for everything that happens.


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