Minions Visit the MEOW Foundation

My friend Diana Piggott recently took Minions Tony, Albert and Victoria to visit the folks at the MEOW Foundation in Calgary, Alberta…

Albert had fond memories of visiting the MEOW Foundation’s shelter last year, so we decided to pay them another visit, this time just before Christmas. First we dropped in on their Christmas party/ fundraiser, with the minions dressed for the season:  Santa Albert Claws, Lady Victoria Claws, and Tony the Good-Humoured Elf.

with 3 MEOW volunteers
with 3 MEOW volunteers


Testing comfy cat pads
Testing comfy cat pads


The comfy cat pads were a big hit with the minions, so we took one home.   For Christmas Day I sprinkled some catnip on it (shhh don’t tell!),  and our cats really “got into” it.





A few days later, still dressed up, we visited the shelter and made another donation in Stan’s memory.  We took a few pictures of willing recipients with the minions.  Fern seemed a bit unsure of the situation, but Portia and then Carter were happy to take centre stage.  Poor Albert seems quite weighed down by his outfit.

Fern....with Trio Tux
Fern….with Trio Tux


Portia posing with Trio Tux
Portia posing with Trio Tux


Carter's turn......
Carter’s turn……


Best wishes to all the residents of Catopia!

Diana, Socrates, Callista and the minions


Thank you Diana and Minions Tony, Albert and Victoria for a wonderful visit with the folks (and critters) at the MEOW Foundation! Thank you also for making a donation in my brother Tuxedo Stan’s memory – that was very thoughtful.


Earl Grey

You can see pictures from around the world in the Photo Gallery. Check it out.

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