Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Ottawa

I just received this important message from my friend Sheila Curry…

To the Tuxedo Party and the People Of Catopia.

Breaking News from this weekend (Jan 18th  2013) – for immediate release.

Minions Tuxedo Russel James and Tuxedo Jennifer Lucille have made it to Parliament Hill!

Attached are 3 photos of Russ and Jenn at Parliament Hill. Such a sight. (1) of the Center Block with the clock tower and (2) (3) of the East Block.

Pariament (1)


Pariament (2)


Pariament (3)

Since there were in the area, they also seized the photo ops at the nearby landmarks:

Russ and Jenn at the statue of Terry Fox, and Jenn wanted to see the War Memorial.

Terry Fox Memorial
Terry Fox Memorial


War Memorial
War Memorial


They took a stroll on the Spark Street mall and had their picture taken with another feline standing guard at the Post Office.

PostOffice Sparks
Post Office Feline


Russ also thought it fun to be atop of a local merchant’s totem poll.

Totem Pole
Totem Pole


Later on, they visited Ben Franklin Place, the former home of the City of Nepean’s City Hall, now converted to offices for the City of Ottawa.

Ben Franklin Place
Ben Franklin Place


They continue their mission with pride. Sadly – it is almost time for Jenn and Russ to part company, as Jenn will soon be traveling on to Northern Ireland to take up residence with my Aunt and bring her message there. Hopefully she will continue to check in periodically.

Much Love and Devotion form Ottawa.


Thank you Sheila and Minions Tuxedo Russel James and Tuxedo Jennifer Lucille for a fabulous tour of the nation’s capital! Safe travels Minion Jenn – I look forward to photos from Northern Ireland.


Earl Grey

You can see pictures from around the world in the Photo Gallery. Check it out.

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Published by Hugh Chisholm

I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.

2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Stan’s World Tour – Ottawa

  1. Nice pictures! You are stronger than I, for I could not bear to separate our minions :-/
    Did you know there used to be a cat sanctuary on Parliament Hill, but it closed last year?


    1. Hello Diana.

      I did know about the cat sanctuary and was saddened to hear of its closing.

      It was a tearful parting when Minion Jenn was finally on her way. They had both been with me for several months and it was hard to say goodbye.
      I knew, however, that Jenn needed to complete her journey. She was able to bring our warm wished with her to my Aunt, where I’m sure she will fit right in.

      No updates yet… Fingers and whiskers crossed for no delays.



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