The following letter and pledge went out to all mayoralty and council contenders for whom we have email addresses. Please ask your council and mayoralty contenders if they have signed the pledge when they contact you asking for your vote. If they say they didn’t get it, perhaps you would consider printing it off andContinue reading “TUXEDO STAN’S PLEDGE OF COMPASSION AND ACTION”

Tuxedo Stanley’s Campaign Theme Song

Hello loyal fans, Tuxedo Stanley here again. Here is a lovely picture of me with my friend Don Amero. Two handsome fellows, right? Don is a singer/songwriter from the Canadian province of Manitoba. I don’t know where that is but it must be a great place because Don is a great guy! He has kindly donated his song LifeContinue reading “Tuxedo Stanley’s Campaign Theme Song”

Tuxedo Stanley’s Media Library

Hello loyal fans, Tuxedo Stanley here again. I’m just soaking up some solar energy for the winter. I plan to hibernate. I’m flabbergasted about all the attention I’ve been getting lately! I decided to compile it into a media library. I will add to it whenever a new story about me pops up so feelContinue reading “Tuxedo Stanley’s Media Library”

Responses to Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

Hello loyal fans, Tuxedo Stanley here again. I’m seeking divine inspiration for today’s blog. As many of you know, I have been busy running a campaign for Mayor of Halifax Regional Municipality. A landslide has been predicted. Mayoral candidates were asked to respond to questions posed by a group called Our HRM Alliance. Although IContinue reading “Responses to Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire”