The Tuxedo Party is reeling after allegations have been made that Tuxedo Stan has fathered kittens! A little-known publication, The Daily Scoop, reports that a cat named Bella claims Stan is the father of her kittens “Mini Stan” and “Stanette”. Click here to download a PDF copy of the Newspaper The Tuxedo Party says theyContinue reading “SCANDAL ROCKS TUXEDO PARTY!”

Animal Cruelty Awareness Month

Hi Fans, I would like to throw my support behind the Nova Scotia SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Awareness Month. Here’s some information about their campaign: October is Animal Cruelty Awareness Month Nova Scotia (October 3, 2012) –– The Nova Scotia SPCA has earmarked October as Animal Cruelty Awareness Month to generate awareness and support for theirContinue reading “Animal Cruelty Awareness Month”