The following letter and pledge went out to all mayoralty and council contenders for whom we have email addresses. Please ask your council and mayoralty contenders if they have signed the pledge when they contact you asking for your vote. If they say they didn’t get it, perhaps you would consider printing it off and giving them a copy:


As you know, the Tuxedo Party was formed to increase awareness of the plight of cats in HRM and to ensure that their situation improved. The support that our “Tuxedo Stan for mayor” campaign has received has gone far beyond our wildest dreams. We have heard from HRM residents, from citizens around the world, and from local/national/international media outlets who have taken up our cry that “neglect isn’t working”. While we appreciate this support, we remain focused on our goal.

To that end, we have developed “Tuxedo Stan’s Pledge of Compassion and Action”. This pledge outlines a proven humane method to address cat over-population. We ask that you sign this pledge to show your commitment to our cause.

In addition to committing to help the cats in HRM, signing this pledge also shows the voters how you stand on the issue. We are often contacted by caring HRM citizens who inquire if the politicians are supportive, and they ask WHO is supportive. For many, this will be the deciding factor on how they vote. We are also being contacted by people in HRM who have never voted – this time they are paying attention and they will vote. Certainly that is an unpredicted “win” in our campaign – increased voter interest and turnout.

We hope that you will take the Pledge. It has been a terrible few years for HRM; people want to move on, do the right thing, and feel better about our city! Let us once again be proud of our city; showing compassion and value for animals is part of living in a vibrant and progressive community.

Please return the signed pledge by Thursday, October 4th. In response to voter interest, we will compile and post the names of those who signed Tuxedo Stan’s pledge prior to voting commencing on Saturday October 6th. This will be posted on the Spay Day HRM website spaydaynovascotia.wordpress.com/ and on Tuxedo Party Facebook and Website.

You can return the signed pledge via e-mail to tuxedoparty@gmail.com, or by surface mail, to –

Tuxedo Party, c/o PO Box 51081, RPO Rockingham Ridge, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3M 4R8

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Tuxedo Party of Canada



There are 40,000-100,000 homeless cats in HRM, and the population continues to grow.

If elected to Halifax Regional Municipality Council, I, ______________________________________, pledge to help the cats. I will support a comprehensive feline population control program to humanely control the feline population and prevent suffering.

Such a program would include, but is not limited to:

  • Formation of a Domestic Animal Advisory Committee
  • Implementation of an affordable and accessible spay/neuter program

Signature _______________________________

Date __________________________________

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I'm a retired veterinarian with a passion for outdoor photography. And cats.


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